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Can You (and Should You) Get a Tan While Wearing Sunscreen?

While sunscreen, especially the natural kind that reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, is designed to minimize the damage to your skin, you can still rock a pretty decent tan while being protected from burning, which is where the real damage occurs – not just increasing the aging process, but also the cancer risk.
Beauty Products

The Top 3 Beauty Products You Need to Make Sure are Completely Natural

The absence of synthetic chemicals, not necessarily the presence of organic ingredients, is one of the more common reasons you’ll see “natural” on your fave beauty products. And it’s worthwhile to take a peek at the label—especially when it comes to these three beauty products.
Earth Day

How to Bring Earth Day to Your Beauty Regimen Every Day

We can easily make every day Earth Day—from recycling like a fiend, eating organic and local food, using a fuel-efficient vehicle, and in our body care products. Yes, our skincare. Our shampoo and conditioner—even (and especially!) our deodorant.
Apricot Oil

5 Apricot Oil Benefits to Boost Your Natural Beauty Routine

Often called “apricot kernel oil,” apricot oil does indeed come from the seed of this delicious stone fruit, which is especially nice to think of if you’re big on reducing food waste—all those tasty dried apricots see their pits go to amazing use. But its health profile is what should really get you excited about this fruit seed oil.
Cleansing Grains

How to Use Cleansing Grains for Radiant, Natural Skin

Whether you prefer a cleansing oil or foam, or are a basic bar soap fan for washing your face, cleansing grains may just be the secret to a better natural skin care. Soaps can strip away the skin’s natural oils. But cleansing grains, while they may sound more harsh, can actually be gentler to the skin’s balance of oils.
Beauty Care Swaps

5 Beauty Care Swaps to Make Before Winter

The brutal sting of winter’s chill may not be here just yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prep your skin for its inevitability. Just like the seasons change, so too must your skin (and hair!) care regimen. Ready to make a few simple beauty care swaps?
Organic Beauty Products

The 5 Best Reasons Organic Beauty Products are Totally Worth It

Find it difficult to spend a little bit more on organic beauty products when conventional options boast just as many benefits? Well, there’s a lot more than selective marketing claims when it comes to the benefits offered in quality skin and hair care products. So if you need a little reminder, here are five.
chapped lips

How to Prevent Chapped Lips

‘Tis the season of blustery, windy, and chilly. It’s a welcome reprieve after a long, scorching summer. And it’ll gear you up for all those PSLs you’re sure to be drinking, too. But there’s a downside, a crackly, peely, ouchy downside: we’re talking dried and chapped lips, of course.
Natural Beauty Products

Top 10 Reasons to Opt for Natural Beauty Products (Every Single Time!)

Natural beauty products are all the rage right now. After all, who doesn’t love botanical ingredients and emollient plant oils that moisturize (and smell amazing!), too? But there are lots more reasons to choose natural beauty products.