Shiny, Silky, Soft, Sensational hair?  Easy as a summer breeze! 

Shiny, Silky, Soft, Sensational hair for the season is as easy as the summer wind! Put the hydrating, strengthening, and regenerative Calendula flower plant to work and usher in your June ‘glam-glow’ with Zatik Naturals’ Deep Moisturizing Shampoo.

dry damaged hair repair
Free from any unnatural fragrances, color-fading parabens, or moisture-stripping sulfates, Zatik’s Deep Moisturizing Shampoo ($10) brings vibrancy back to colored, parched  hair.  The PH-balanced formula- handmade in only small batches- contains lavish, moisturizing ingredients supplied by nature- conditioning virgin coconut and baobab fruit oils are at work to defy brittleness and shut out greasiness forever.

Lather in the luster of essential and plant oils; our chemical-free shampoo uses natural cleaners like antioxidant rich-green tea, as well as rosehip and grapeseed oils, to protect and defend your dry summer scalp. 

One web reviewer, Mary, “loves! loves” the shampoo! “My beautician said I have the healthiest hair of all her customers!” Another raves her “dry hair is softened and looks healthy and shiny,” a five-star recommendation!

Nicki, a Zatik fan via Amazon, appreciates the work our organic chemists do to keep your mane manageable (“ I like that it is sustainable, and it smells nice!”)  The creamy and complimentary detangling Deep Moisturizing Conditioner ($10) adds in Vitamin D and soothing camomile, along with natural essential fatty acids, to the  USDA Certified Organic conditioner.

Breanna, who is “hooked for life,” insists our conditioner is “amazing! I have long hair that often gets tangled and breaks. This replaces the need for a detangler and leaves my hair clean, healthy, and voluminous.  Customer KK has “never found a natural conditioner like gives my straight hair body and shine! Very silky-  very recommended!”

While desert-dwelling Lisa finds the conditioning formula “wonderfully moisturizing”, Jeffrey informs us it is “excellent for (extra sensitive) curly hair,” and “the only clean ingredient conditioner that allows a comb to glide through.” (Jeffrey is one of Zatik’s thousands of happy male fans, proving Men care about hair!)

Tip: Pack on our vegan moisturizer formula, mostly from the ears down to the tips; leave on for 15 minutes for a deeper conditioning treatment.

Hoping that the warmth of the season and beauty of nature touch your life this month- send us your thoughts ( XO Osvanna

By Erika Somerfeld, The Beauty Channel for Zatik Naturals

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