Turning Sun Protection Into a Wellness Routine

transparent mineral sunscreen with SPF30

Shine a light on your health, and turn your daily skincare regimen into a wellness routine! What else can you call sun protection that beams rays of raspberry, sunflower, coconut and Moringa!

 Zatik’s water-based Solar Mineral Sunscreen is more than non-toxic and alcohol-free; our protective lotion is a direct result of our organic chemist’s talent in preserving the potency of plants’ raw materials, including natural SPF from unspoiled raspberry seed extract, a natural sun blocker! 
mineral sunscreen with spf 30 with non-nano zinc


Meg, a self-proclaimed

“fair-freckled sunscreen fanatic,” says it creates “marvelous sunscreen harmony!”

 argan oil Along with naturally-based UVA and UVB SPF 30 protection, our formula provides facial hydration and nourishment almost unseen in a sunscreen, with our addition of organic oils like nutrient-rich #Moringa, moisturizing #argan, #coconut, #jojoba, and Vitamin E-soaked #sunflower oils.


Breakouts and pasty white creams are
the biggest sunscreen concerns. A “thanks”
to client Bethany, who alerted oily-skinned
users: “this is the best sunscreen- and I’ve tried a lot!”


 Our colorless formula warms into a clear finish on skin. Rachel asked our organic chemists to “make this forever” and is happy she finally found a mineral sunscreen “that doesn’t make me look like a ghost.”

aA 5-star Amazon reviewer agrees: “Zatik Solar Mineral Sunscreen doesn’t leave your skin ashy-looking like most do.” Zatik’s #ReefSafe formula employs 10% “Non-Nano” zinc oxide for safe, organically-based SPF30 coverage against UVA/UVB rays. Bask in soothing #botanicals and zero chemicals, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.

Water resistant for up to 40 minutes, user Chad likes how light our product is, and its great coverage: “three pumps and it covers my neck and face!” #Hypoallergenic! Cruelty-free! #Recyclable packaging! Fan Gaselle gushes that she found the beauty Holy Grail: “if you want a primer, moisturizer and SPF in one, here’s the perfect trifecta!”

Look for our sunscreen in the upcoming April 2021 issue of SHAPE magazine and shape.com. We value your ideas, thoughts and raves! Email info@zatiknaturals.com. XO Ovsanna

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