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Vegan and Organic Beauty Care

Vegan and Organic Beauty Care

While our market is full of different beauty products, there are many workshops and events nowadays that highlight the importance of using organic ...
black seed oil

Supercritical 1oz Black Seed Oil at Whole Foods Market

We’re proud to be the only brand offering supercritical black seed oil liquids at Whole Foods. We understand that not everyone may know what that means, and why it can help them to live healthier and happier. In this blog, we’ll go over how our supercritical products are made and how they can help you to get more out of your days.
Zatik Naturals: Green Cosmetics Revolution

Zatik Naturals: Green Cosmetics Revolution

Zatik Naturals: Green Cosmetics Revolution!

The 3 Reasons Turmeric is Natural Beauty Gold

Everywhere you look in the health and wellness world these days, turmeric is there. The spice’s bright yellow hue and earthy flavor can be found in...
Natural Skincare Ingredients

The 7 Multipurpose Natural Skincare Ingredients Every Beauty Junkie Needs

In the world of natural beauty, there’s a seemingly endless array of skincare ingredients. But some rise up – the cream of the crop – as skincare superstars. They may even serve double (or triple) duty. Many make their way into skincare products, and some you can use straight out of your kitchen. Did your favorite make the list? Check out our top XX skincare ingredient picks.
What are Hydrosols

What are Hydrosols? (Plus Tips for Using Them!)

Are you a label reader? We hope you are – whether it’s your food or your skincare, ingredients matter. If understanding what they are make you feel like you need a science degree (or two), you’re not alone. A lot of even simple ingredients come with fancy sounding names, like hydrosol. What is this ingredient, and why is it in your (and our!) skincare products? It’s not as fancy as it sounds, actually.
Natural Beauty Tricks

7 Natural Beauty Tricks to Avoid Summer Breakouts

Is summer your favorite time of the year? The warm weather, longer days, and pool or beach time almost makes every day feel like a vacation even when you’re working during the week (almost!). But with the warm weather comes an unwelcome visitor: summer breakouts.
Zatik Natural

Giving Back: The Relief Mission Speaking to Our Hearts

It’s hard to imagine being a business without a mission to make the world a better place. After all, businesses are the foundation of our communities—they provide the services, the inspiration, and the economic opportunities necessary for society to thrive. But at Zatik Natural, our commitment to being a conscious business doesn’t stop there. We know there’s much more we can do–giving back is a natural extension of our business model.