Wake up and smell the Moringa!

By Erika Somerfeld, The Beauty Channel

Naturally cool down this summer while avoiding the hot-button issue of harming the planet. Or, do as pop star Justin Bieber does and go au naturel. Forget fragrances- the Grammy-winner is the first male celebrity to endorse a line of natural deodorants.

Shape ran an article on how to make the switch to aluminum-free deodorants;

and New York magazine claims it’s a great place to start your clean beauty journey.

Zatik’s Odor Defense Roll on Deodorant is friendly to your skin, health and (eco-leather) wallet. (US $6; 3oz). Whether our Unscented herbal formula, or the botanically-infused Lavender & Moringa or Orange & Vetiver, all are long-lasting and safe for sensitive skin, for kids- even for use during pregnancy.

Roll on deodorant with Lavender and Moringa. Aluminum free

Clays, salts, oils! All work together organically neutralize the bacteria that causes odor.
Zatik organic chemists mix together the right amount of gentle, food-grade ingredients to maximize the regenerative properties of our products. No metals, no fillers, no hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Smell is, after all, the closest sense tied to memory.
Opt for our zesty citrus and woody vetiver, or calming lavender infused with grassy Moringa. ‘Sweat pure- but smell sweet,’ as nature intended.

USDA Certified Organic and non-toxic with flower and leaf extracts, essential oils and light coconut, (it is made in California)  Zatiknaturals.com customer Grace K. gave us one of our across-the-board 5-star reviews and calls our vegan product the “best natural deodorant tried to date...it just glides on… it smells wonderful.”  

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XO- Osvanna

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