Grateful for the earth & skin-loving ingredients in ‘Gratitude’

Gratitude is the healthiest trait, mood and emotion.

A celebration of “what is” has been proven vital to human happiness and pleasure.


The vegan resources of Mother Earth is something never taken for granted at Zatik. Naming our seaweed & algae serum Gratitude was a Thank You to Mother Nature’s illustrious elements of the sea and earth that revitalize, tighten and protect our skin.

gratitude face serum with seaweed and algae
We take joy in offering this omega-rich, certified organic gluten-free cream. Antioxidant-filled marine algae protects from damaging free radicals that cause premature wrinkles. (“I have seen a noticeable improvement in not-so-fine facial lines,” raves one thankful reviewer.) Seaweed steps in, locking in moisture and maintaining the skin’s protective barrier. Naturally full of humectants, but void of soy, the seaweed we source in Oregon- along with our blend of organic herbs- is packed with fresh amino and fatty acids that plump and protect skin.
 “The cleanest on the market” claims another content client!

 Zatik’s Amazon clientele seem grateful for our alcohol-free formula. One young patron noticed how the soothing, natural algae “help clear up my acne. It has replaced my other serums.”

 Thank you for the kind shout out, also calling our family-owned team “a small company with a lot of dedication.” We are grateful for your generous words.
 Kay confirms the serum “smells clean, free of chemicals or perfumes.” The inclusion of green tea, coconut, lime and organic gardenia oil made users like Camelia true believers in the power of nature: “it feels healing and brings an instant calm...the natural oils blend well and absorb quickly.”
“Obsessed” shopper, Heather purchased from our site and claims Gratitude “has all the earth-friendly things I look for in beauty products.” Josee organically closes the deal: “My skin feels like silk. Wrinkles almost seem to disappear. The bottle will last forever- you only need a tiny amount at a time.”
Zatik Naturals’ team of organic chemists suggest you apply this non-GMO formula to the face and neck in the morning, and indulge again at night if you have dry or mature skin. Contact us with your questions, concerns and ideas- we value and appreciate you! Xo Ovsanna


By Erika Somerfeld 

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