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Black Seed Supercritical Extract - Certified Organic

Potent & Powerful, Natural & Nutritious: Black Seed Supercritical Extract

Potent & Powerful, Natural & Nutritious: Zatik Black Seed Full Spectrum Supercritical Extract Zatik Black Seed Full Spectrum Supercritical...
Love is in the Hair!

Love is in the Hair!

Your ‘mane’ beauty feature is a crown you never take off. So at Zatik, we insist on giving you the (botanical) royal treatment via nutrient-rich pr...
black seed face oil

Nutri Face Serum

Hydrating rosehip with ribbons of raspberry seed.  A pop of pomegranate blended with exotic baobab and black seed oils.  Sunrise and sunset, under ...

Handmade and Harmonious

Would Betsy Ross, sitting and stitching up the first American flag, be as special if she had done it on a singer sewing machine? If grandma bought ...