Long stem benefits of rose to heal his/her skin!

Wild cherry; Green tea; Rosemary leaf.  Not the ingredients for a Valentine’s Day treat, but our year-round skin elixir created for the entire family.

Amazon customers spoke passionately about our botanical HARMONY MOISTURIZER, specifically calling it out for problematic skin: “I have sensitive skin, and didn’t feel any burn.” “It leaves my skin clear. After a single use, I was sold.” “It’s one of the best creams out there.”

One five-star reviewer with atopic dermatitis gave us such pride when she shared, “Saved my face! I’m so grateful I found Harmony!”
In the words of one customer, “Give your face some love and give this cream a try!”

ZatikNaturals.com site shoppers are also sweet on HARMONY, loving the herbal oils of rose, jojoba and geranium lovingly folded in for your health:

HANNAH’s amorous feedback included complimenting the wonderful smell and ability to not clog pores, promising “I’m a lifetime customer!”

*MICHELLE raved about the citrusy smell, clearly also under Harmony’s spell, saying the rose-infused moisturizer is “seriously magic” and begging our chemists to “pleeeeesase don’t ever discontinue this product!” (We won’t Michelle!)

While NANE likes how Harmony “refreshens after a long day,”
CLEO, intrigued by the fact that the product is 100% organic, was thrilled that her teens with acne are “now glowing…this product consistently performs.”

Use our unisex-created Harmony Moisturizer together this Valentine’s Day:

1. Warm up the orange blossom and rose-infused cream, as a peace-inducing massage balm- love potion!
2. Add drops of your favorite essential oils to the cream for the extra aromatherapy benefit of better sleep.
3. Enjoy the cream packed on as an herbal eye masque as you rest together.

write or call to tell us about your skin’s HARMONY-ious transformation!  
XO Osvanna

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