Potent & Powerful, Natural & Nutritious: Black Seed Supercritical Extract

Potent & Powerful, Natural & Nutritious:
Black Seed Full Spectrum Supercritical Extract

Zatik Black Seed Full Spectrum Supercritical Extract

($24.00 for one ounce) is made up of USDA certified organic, bioactive botanical ingredients known to remedy symptoms from dry skin to immune disorders. The formula can be coined as a natural cure, gifted to relieve pain, and also enhance beauty.

Black Seed Supercritical Extract with dropper

Made with genuine Egyptian black cumin seeds harvested only during summertime, the delicate but potent ‘black cumin’ kernels are transported nearly 2,000 miles to Germany where the CO-2 extraction process begins.

As makers of small batch, artisan skincare and dietary supplements, Zatik uses only non-hybrid, naturally pollinated seeds, pure so future plants reproduce original strains with the most innate potency.  Zatik’s extract is never exposed to debilitating heat, which seriously compromises the quality of the Southwest Asian plant’s oil, or liquid fat. 


Clinical trials and scientific research have identified the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, Thymoquinone, in Black Seed oil via its root nigella sativa plant.  Ancient Egyptians considered black seed oil unmatched to heal ailments from dry skin to immune system disorders.  An ancestral, natural remedy which paradoxically relieves pain and enhances beauty, black cumin seeds (“Nigella Sativa”) were discovered buried inside King Tut’s Egyptian tomb, confirming the longevity and popularity of the extraordinary, edible oil.

Chemical-free and shown to reduce high blood pressure, Zatik Black Seed Full Spectrum Supercritical Extract is 100%  free of contaminating, toxic traces of metal- often found in dietary supplements- that cause cancer, dementia and at best, brittle bones.  (Heavy Metal testing is conducted by a third-party company for transparent results.)

No chemical residue is left after the plant undergoes the scientific and safe CO2 Extraction Process, which successfully replaces the conventional use of chemical solvents. Zatik uses CO2 from powerful volcanoes to capture ultra-concentrated plant extracts with the widest spectrum of healing, essential nutrients. 

The high ratio of drawn out, concentrated  plant components and their bioactive nutrients sets the seal on the workability of  lower “critical”  doses (nutrient-reducing sugars are never present). Zatik recommends 1/4 teaspoon daily with a meal, or as directed by a health care professional.

A modern and ‘green’ method the FDA has labeled safe, the meticulous purification process is gaining popularity as a cleaning system that eliminates bacteria, mold and mildew, all killed during the refined removal process.  Zatik’s organic chemists have always employed the usage, regardless of it taking longer than other methods.

Finally, Zatik’s use of ultraviolet glass to package Black Seed Full Spectrum Supercritical Extract offers everlasting freshness  and preservation.  The airtight, UV-blocking dark blue bottles preserve the inherent nutrients of the palatable, multi-dimensional “liquid gold.”


By Erika Somerfeld 

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