Nutri Face Serum

Hydrating rosehip with ribbons of raspberry seed.  A pop of pomegranate blended with exotic baobab and black seed oils.  Sunrise and sunset, under eyes and over face and neck, harmoniously prime your skin to remove- or apply- makeup with calming chamomile-infused Nutri Face Serum

 zatik nutri face serum

“Forever customer” NANCY believes it is the “cleanest (serum) on the market.”  JORGE’s simple expression of zeal for Zatik is clear: “Wow! wow! wow!”

This alcohol-free, 
biodegradable blend compliments the blooming world of organic skincare. Essential fatty acids soften and smoothen, while employing the “blessed” and “magical” black seeds of Egypt to naturally balance epidermal hydration.  

 best face serumThe concentrated blast of antioxidants help smooth visible skin lines.  Client KELEEN sees a noticeable improvement in her “not-so-fine facial lines.”  For Zatik fan, LOLIEZZ, the gluten-free, vegan oil is an integral way to keep her “dry winter skin issues at bay.”  

 The beauty experts at Vogue magazine agree that “moisture-boosting elixirs are essential…the best serums…also deeply nourish and protect against the harsh elements.

Weather new ways to beautify with this multi-use product:

 * Add our synergistic serum to your bath for a home spa day
* Use a dew-drop size as a hydrating cuticle oil
* Mend split ends instantly with a lick of this botanical balancing oil.

An abundance of cold-pressed certified organic oils leave a healthy, shine-free glow. ANNIKA enjoys as her nutrient-rich “fresh, dewy look;” CARINA covets our gluten-free facial serum, insisting “this is all my skin needs.”  KIMBERLY raved about the soy-free product’s “natural, exotic scent,” that she pats on throughout the day, while loyal patron, GRACE, thanked our organic chemists for their “natural innovations.”  

LIZETTE’s 5-star Amazon review shows she replaced multiple products with our zero-GMO oil. (Thanks for the love, Lizette! 89% of our Amazon reviews are five-starrers like yours!)

Family-owned Zatik works to forever stay humble through our valuable client feedback. Please write us your likes, needs, and organic experience at Xo. Osvanna

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