The 5 Best Reasons Organic Beauty Products are Totally Worth It

Find it difficult to spend a little bit more on organic beauty products when conventional options boast just as many benefits?

Well, there’s a lot more than selective marketing claims when it comes to the benefits offered in quality skin and hair care products. So if you need a little reminder, here are five.

1. Organic ingredients are cleaner ingredients: Yes, beauty products are supposed to be fancy and even mysterious. But cancer-causing? No thank you. Organic ingredients means a reduced risk of exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides that can be absorbed through the skin, many of which have links to increased cancer risks and other health ailments.

2. Organic farming is better for the planet: If you’re wondering what smog-free air has to do with beauty, the answer is quite a lot, actually. By committing to products that include organic ingredients, you’re helping to reduce the impact conventional farming has on the planet—pesticides and herbicides are no good for air, water, or soil. And yes, a cleaner planet means fewer environmental stresses on your hair and skin. Think of it as a long-term but well-worth-it commitment.

3. Better products? The word “organic” is never a guarantee that the overall formulation is the best-ever for any product. But it can indicate a more conscientious business committed to crafting high-quality products that may be more effective.

4. Better businesses: Likewise, companies going the extra-step to procure organic ingredients are more likely to be conscientious in other areas of business, making them stalwards of progressive change for their local and international communities.

5. Organic growth: Your purchase of an organic beauty product may seem insignificant, but it actually helps usher in a much bigger, brighter, and cleaner future. Maybe you inspire a friend or family member to buy organic next time, which is great, but by supporting organic purveyors, you help keep them going—and growing their businesses. Can you imagine one day a world where all beauty products are organic?

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