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Zatik Naturals joins hearts with the smaller, but mighty, Fruits of Love organization ( to plant seeds of love around the world.

Zatik Naturals was founded on the principles of fairness, sustainability, and health. With the pandemic dashing hopes across the world, we are humbled to join Fruits of Love founder, Dr. Naira Martirosyan to help the powerless. As a result, we rise ourselves by lifting others.

Their direct, 'donation-to-donor' mission is to provide nourishment to needy families, and to warm the gentlest of hearts- children.A portion of proceeds from every Zatik Naturals sale goes to this courageous, non-profit, global organization.

Whether building a playroom, funding counseling, or initiating art therapy for hospitalized children, your choice to donate or volunteer can literally build a house of hope for these tiny souls, hurt and suffering from needless childhood hunger. Support, education, resources: whether an urban or rural setting, 100% of donations go directly to the donor in need, to help conquer these heart-breaking inequities. As activist Dorothy Day acknowledged, “peace can only begin when the hungry are fed.”


As a result of the devastating worldwide coronavirus, the family-owned Zatik business felt a need to add a healthy-version sanitizer to our shelf of organic, PH-balanced products.

California has taken emergency measures to assist its vulnerable homeless population, but we believe every company should have its community’s back with 'local love.' For every ten (10) sanitizers Zatik sells, one refillable, 14-ounce pouch is delivered directly to a Los Angeles homeless shelter or rescue mission. For the 60,000 Angelenos who call the streets of the virus’s epi-center home, our contribution is only a small act of kindness and contribution during a poignant time in history.

The alcohol we use is sourced directly inside the United States and is high grade 80% Ethanol/190 proof. We add natural aloe, rosemary and tea tree oil to offer a moisturizing-gel formula that is softer and gentler to skin of all ages, to provide a cleaner, safer place to dwell.

Covid-19 Care Packages

This time in history is as unique as the products Zatik hand makes every day. Lost jobs equate to a loss of money and invaluable hope. Supplying self-care essentials to Americans in need is a pleasure and our duty. To inspire unity and love, Zatik has created Covid-19 Care Packages of full-size high-grade sanitizers, extra-moisturizing soaps, and chemical-free shampoos to bring light to those whose hope has dimmed. Please reach out to to nominate a person in need. Send us their story, and we’ll send them some healthy products to keep them cared for, clean, and content.

Healing war with love

Good business is the bedrock of community. Through strong, responsible business practices, society thrives. Because surviving isn’t enough...

The family of employees and organic chemists at Zatik were proud and honored to devote 100% of online sales in fall 2020 to the efforts to save Armenia's people, after last year’s sudden and perilous war. The brutal fight over a small mountainous piece of land, the center of conflict for more than thirty years, caused the displacement of more than 500,000 proud citizens. Through loving acts of kindness, we can begin to counteract the catastrophic horrors of combat.

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Want to learn more about The Fruits of Love Mission? Check out their website to consider volunteering or donating.

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