Love is in the Hair!

Your ‘mane’ beauty feature is a crown you never take off. So at Zatik, we insist on giving you the (botanical) royal treatment via nutrient-rich products that leave hair majestically ravishing and regal!

The most potent parts of plants, and organic gems like calming lavender, cleansing ginger, stimulating sweet basil, and moisturizing olive oil, empower our made-fresh-daily, paraben-free  Healthy Shiny Shampoo and Healthy Shiny Conditioner (sets available) to hydrate and heal dull, thin brittleing strands- and dry scalps- almost immediately. 

“(Healthy Shiny Conditioner) moisturizes and tames the frizz,” observes three-year devotee Ms. Carter; customer Carolyn notes the soy and gluten-free cream gets her hair “clean without drying it out.” 

healthy shiny shampoo and conditioner

                                               amazon 5 star review

One 5-star Amazon reviewer purchased the shampoo primarily for her delicate scalp, while another said it cleaned up her flakiness “in one swoop!”

Hair that is severely color-treated is reborn due to the inclusion of nature’s superfoods, and supercritical extractions from restorative castor oil and nutritious Egyptian Black “cumin” Seed Oil. 

Natural gardenia oil, infused with the spicy scent of powerful cumin seeds, brings a sensational smell to Zatik’s vegan, USDA Certified Organic product duo. Brand enthusiast Kimberly confirms: “the awesome scent of black seed comes through.”

Another rave: “One of the best conditioners I have ever smells like nature and gives my hair a nice shine.” One devoted Zatik user via sums things up: “I love the clean ingredients, especially in this toxic world.”

Healthy Shiny Shampoo, and Healthy Shiny Conditioner
BLOG APRIL 12, 2021

By Erika Somerfeld 

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