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certified organic extracts

Zatik Naturals combines the powerful synergy of bioactive-rich and Certified Organic extracts for formulas that wow.


All of Zatik Naturals’ products are handmade in Glendale, using fresh raw botanicals cultivated on USDA certified organic farms without the use of GMOs. The Zatik facility undergoes annual compliance inspections by USDA-accredited certifying organization, Oregon Tilth.


Zatik products are rated clean on EWG Skin DEEP. Zatik products rank 1 as green out of 10 being most toxic.

How it works

Organic Product manufacturing

We start with the highest quality ingredients. After all, we’re only as good as the raw materials for our line of products. All Zatik Naturals ingredients are:

  • ● Vegan
  • ● Non-GMO
  • ● Gluten Free
  • ● Soy Free
  • ● Alcohol Free
  • ● Ph Balanced
  • ● Biodegradable
  • ● Certified Organic

We use food-safe manufacturing processes to create pure plant extracts without hazardous chemicals. We naturally distill plant extracts to capture their essential properties. Zatik Naturals uses CO2 extraction to efficiently produce high quality, ultra-concentrated extracts with precision.

The next step is to work in small, limited batches for every product. The right blend of natural ingredients are combined to maximize the healing, nourishing, and regenerative properties of our personal care products.

Zatik Naturals created their own exclusive formulations with the invention of an organic emulsification and preservation system derived from MCT Coconut Oil. With these raw materials, they have effective ingredient solutions that provide functionality while fulfilling strict organic certified criteria.

Last but not least, Zatik Naturals takes care to package our product with care. Our products are Certified Cruelty-Free and all materials are printed on recycled paper with soy inks.

No smoke, no mirrors

We aren’t into jargon or ‘mystery ingredients.’ Trust the transparent packaging on all Zatik Naturals products. All claims are backed by science and our commitment to you, with zero gimmicky claims.

Give Back

Our sense of responsibility surpasses the quality of our product. Zatik Naturals believes corporate responsibility is a must. Learn about how we partner with nonprofits to give back.

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