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Face Mask Damage Solution

Face Mask Damage Solution

Although wearing a face mask is an essential component of preventing the spread of the pandemic, it can unfortunately also cause physical harm to t...
Natural Beauty Advocates

Natural Beauty Advocates

During recent years there have been a dramatic shift to organic and natural products. Clean beauty has become some kind of revolution and many reno...
Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

As Mother’s Day is approaching, we are thinking of some unique and useful gifts for our special Moms. Forbes Magazine has published Mother's Day Gi...
Bath Soaks

5 Luxurious DIY Bath Soaks Straight from Your Kitchen

We’re here—the thick of winter’s chill. And nothing takes the edge off like a luxurious and super warm (okay, hot as heck) bath. So, turn the phone off, light the candles, and take a little winter respite with these all-natural DIY bath soak ideas—straight from the kitchen.

Is Seaweed Really a Superstar Skincare Ingredient?

What lengths won’t most of us go to for great-looking skin? After all, when we look amazing, we feel fabulous, too. Would you consider the benefits of seaweed as an important skincare ingredient worth exploring? Or does that just sound, well, a little too fishy for your taste?

3 Neroli Essential Oil Benefits for Gorgeous Skin

Nothing lightens the weight of winter quite like the fragrance of flowers. The floral aromas just scream spring and summer and can bring a warmth to even the coldest days. One flower we’re particularly fond of is the neroli blossom—which is actually the flower from an orange tree.
Winter Skincare

7 Winter Skincare Musts for Men

As rugged as we may love our men, winter can make their skin suffer, too. Proper winter skincare isn’t just for women—here’s what men (and the women who love them) need to know.
Dark Spots

4 Steps to Get Rid of Dark Spots and Even Your Skin Tone

If your skin is acne-prone, try an elimination diet (with the aid of your primary care physician), and even try removing natural skin care items one by one to see if any of those may be the culprits. Identifying the cause of dark spots is the first step in preventing them.
Love Yourself

3 Ways to Love Yourself (and Why it Makes You Glow!)

If you don’t love yourself, you make it hard for others to do it, too. And you know what else? That whole thing about beauty being on the inside? It’s the truth. If we’re not finding or feeling beautiful from within, there’s no serum, moisturizer, or mascara that can do it for us.
Rose Oil

The Amazing Benefits of Rose Oil for Skin (and Rose Hips, Too!)

The mighty rose: it’s a symbol of love, of elegance, of purity. And what it does for our hearts, at least, in the spiritual sense, it does for our skin, most literally. Rose oil (rosa damscena) is a potent yet gentle skin tonic with numerous benefits.
Natural Beauty Products

More than Half of Women Prefer Natural Beauty Products

Do detergents make you gag? Do you get weepy when you see women loading up on petroleum-based skin and hair care (or, gasp, baby care products)? Feel like you’re the only one in the world obsessed with natural beauty products? Well, you’re not—not by a long shot. According to a recent poll, more than half of women over age 35 and 73 percent of millennial women are choosing all-natural beauty products.
Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

4 Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits You Didn’t Know You Needed

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes. The real star of the season are these pumpkin seed oil benefits. Its creamy orange flesh is chock-full of vitamins, fiber, and healthy, delicious goodness. But it’s those little seeds—you know, the ones you pitch when you carve that doorstep decoration—that are the real stars of the gourd.