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Mother's Day Gifts

As Mother’s Day is approaching, we are thinking of some unique and useful gifts for our special Moms. Forbes Magazine has published Mother's Day Gift Guide: Great Ideas for Natural Mamas which can be an ideal guide to get what your Mom would love to. The list includes Sejoyia, Swiss Diamond, Sanuk Yoga Slings, Hurom Juicer, Veetro, Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm, etc… The full list of Forbes recommendations you can find here.

When there is a list of innovative, interesting products and ideas, the process of choosing a gift becomes much easier. Zatik Naturals is committed to crafting all natural and organic skin and hair care products. Our shampoos and skin care products can be a wonderful gift for your mothers.

And while we know that the active ingredients—those ancient plants, flowers, and seeds—are safe and effective, we also know the truth about many of the artificially created ingredients: Not only are they not as rooted in history as the natural ingredients, but many of them are also toxic, dangerous to our health, even in small amounts.

It’s why we’re so delighted (and relieved!) to share with our customers the exciting news that all of our products are now rated in the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database!

Overall, though, it’s incredibly good news about our products. The database ranks us our products as no overall hazard risk and notes low consideration for the aforementioned ingredients. You can review all the Zatik products ranked by EWG’s Skin Deep here.

Our Nutri Face Serum with its colorful packaging is a must have for any young woman. Zatik uses science to identify the most beneficial botanicals creating radiant beauty. Our formulations leverage fresh herbs cultivated on USDA certified organic farms and are never mass produced. Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with natural and organic gifts!




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