Face Mask Damage Solution

Although wearing a face mask is an essential component of preventing the spread of the pandemic, it can unfortunately also cause physical harm to the skin if worn for long periods of time.

The most relevant example of this would be doctors and nurses, who are required to wear a mask almost constantly throughout their daily work routine. As a result, many of them (especially those of them who have sensitive skin) experience dry skin and sometimes facial burns, inflammation, or rashes. Zatik is very aware of this growing issue, and we would like to recommend one of our products to help solve the problem.

The skin care product we suggest that people use to stop skin irritation due to facial masks is our Solar Mineral Sunscreen Facial Moisturizer. This moisturizer is created using a very gentle and lightweight formula and is beneficial for all skin types. It is free from harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance. It is also made with certified organic ingredients. Therefore, this product works great for replenishing dry or damaged skin, especially on the face.


In addition, as you can tell by its name, this moisturizer is also an incredible sunscreen. It is SPF 30 and offers protection from UVA and UVB rays. Also, its formula includes non-nano zinc, which allows the product to show up transparent on the skin, unlike most other sunscreens out there. No matter what skin tone it is applied onto, our Solar Mineral Sunscreen will not turn the skin white or purple.

So, if you or someone you know is looking for a safe, moisturizing, and hydrating facial cream or sunscreen, you can be certain that this product is guaranteed to protect and heal the skin both indoors and outdoors.

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  • I love the shampoo. I bought the Healthy and Shiny Shampoo and conditioner. I was wondering why it isn’t sudsing a lot? I seem to use a lot of product when I wash my hair.

    Nora Hatcher

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