Is Seaweed Really a Superstar Skincare Ingredient?

What lengths won’t most of us go to for great-looking skin? After all, when we look amazing, we feel fabulous, too. Would you consider the benefits of seaweed as an important skincare ingredient worth exploring? Or does that just sound, well, a little too fishy for your taste?

The truth is, marine extracts, such as those coming from seaweed, can bring immense healing, toning, and moisturizing benefits to otherwise lackluster skin. If you think about it, seaweed does thrive in briny, salty water. That’s certainly a #skingoal if there ever was one, right?

But don’t go grabbing sea kelp right off the beach and rubbing it onto your skin. There’s a science and vetting process for quality seaweed safe for use in skin care. These super marine plants are harvested from clean ocean areas and distilled into concentrates that highlight the ingredients’ abilities to bring antioxidant boosting power to skin.

Because seaweeds are so sturdy and resilient, they’re excellent bases for anti-aging products—look for them in potent anti-wrinkle crèmes or products targeting fine lines around the eyes. While nothing short of plastic surgery will make fine lines and wrinkles disappear, seaweeds may be effective in reducing their appearance by bringing tightening and lifting action to aging skin (note: all skin is aging, by the way!).

Seaweeds may also help to reduce the occurrence of pigmentation—redness, scarring, and blotchiness. It’s even been shown to reduce the signs of pigmentation (melasma) during pregnancy. This is excellent news for folks with sensitive skin or normal skin during sensitive times (hello, dry winter skin).

Collagen boosting is a super hot trend in skincare today, but for those avoiding animal products, collagen is a big no-no as it comes from cows and pigs (it’s essentially gelatin, which is made from rendered bones and tissue).

Fortunately, many plant ingredients can help to boost the skin’s natural collagen production, and you guessed it, seaweed may be one such ingredient. Credit there can go to its rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that deliver much-needed hydration retaining properties to skin.

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