7 Winter Skincare Musts for Men

As rugged as we may love our men, winter can make their skin suffer, too. Proper winter skincare isn’t just for women—here’s what men (and the women who love them) need to know.

  1. Avoid artificial fragrances: Men are routinely led to believe that products made strong enough for men need to smell, well, let’s go with “intense.” These strong fragrances are typically the result of detergents and phlatates, which are harmful to the endocrine system and no friend to your skin, either. Opt for unscented or those products that rely on truly natural essential oil (and be on the lookout for some products marketed as “fragrance oils.”
  1. Avoid artificial colors: Another indicator that the skincare product you’re using isn’t the cleanest is the bright blue or green color common in men’s skincare products. We get it, pink isn’t your jam, but that doesn’t mean your products need to have any color at all. They don’t! Artificial colors (when ingested) have shown harmful effects, including an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. And when they’re present in a skincare product, there’s a good chance most of the other ingredients aren’t clean, either.
  1. Moisturize! Beard or no beard, a man’s facial skin can get dry and start to chap and flake. And particularly if they do shave, their skin can become even more sensitive to dryness. So whether it’s just a rich and creamy winter moisturizer or a combo with a good, clean beard oil, moisturizing winter skin is key for men.
  1. Avoid aftershave: On that same note, for the shavers, aftershave is often loaded with alcohol, which strips the natural oils from the face, leading to excess dryness. Skip it, or use a natural blend based in essential oils and ingredients like chamomile and aloe that soothe shaved and dry skin rather than add to it.
  1. Use an oil-based cleanser and body wash: Soaps and body washes marketed to men can be loaded with the nasties mentioned above. You don’t want to dry out your skin with alcohol or artificial ingredients. And you want to be sure you’re replenishing the oils that make your skin smooth and soft. Look for natural soaps for face and body to protect and cleanse delicate skin.
  1. Invest in a high-quality lip balm: If you’re insecure about using a lip balm in public, then go do it in the bathroom. And do it at night before bed. Nothing is worse than dry, chapped lips that make mistletoe meetings painful. Protect your lips for a more
  1. Use SPF: It may seem silly, especially with a full beard, but noses, cheeks, and sensitive areas around the eyes can dry out and burn under the winter sun. Protect your faces, guys. We love them!

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