Handmade and Harmonious

Would Betsy Ross, sitting and stitching up the first American flag, be as special if she had done it on a singer sewing machine? If grandma bought apple pie instead of making it from scratch, would it taste so sensational? Can a store bought birthday card ever compare to a homemade one made from loving little hands?! From the glass blowers in Italy to Japanese Origami artists, the care, detail and design put into a handmade item is a singular and uncommon treasure. In an age where robots are taking jobs from humans- even our canines are being replaced with e-dogs!- what we can create with our own two hands has taken on great significance.

As beauty and skincare become more and more high tech- infrared hair dryers, app controlled devices, 3D printable makeup- a walk through a garden to gather herbs and spices for hand whipped face and body masques may seem old-fashioned. Yet, the organic beauty market grows bigger every day, and the allure of wild cherry bark to enrich hair, or natural peppermint oils to stimulate the scalp, have become sought after and oh so seductive again. Is nature God’s holistic pharmacy? Seaweed, kelp and algae from the sea are matchless vitamin-rich beauty aids; Black Seed Oil, dating back thousands of years, has new life in the new Millennium, almost magically helping with body inflammation and acting as a rich, earthly source of super antioxidants.



Working both as a beauty and health aid for centuries, the affordable, spicy oil is a central ingredient in many Zatik products. We add it to our Nutri Face Serum, Hair Serum, and to our affordable ‘Healthy & Shiny’ botanical shampoo and conditioner for its moisturizing qualities. No, “gentle” and “pure” are not old school words- they remain a lesson in what machines can never teach us: humanity. 




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