Supercritical 1oz Black Seed Oil at Whole Foods Market

We know that there are many different health products available on the market. However, there’s only one company that has supercritical products available at the Whole Foods Market: us. We’re proud to be the only brand offering supercritical black seed oil liquids at Whole Foods. We understand that not everyone may know what that means, and why it can help them to live healthier and happier. In this blog, we’ll go over how our supercritical products are made and how they can help you to get more out of your days.

black seed oil

Supercritical Black Seed Oil Extraction Method

To put it simply, we use a supercritical extraction method because it allows us to put the widest spectrum of essential nutrients into our products. For example, the CO2 we use in our supercritical extraction method is of volcanic origin. This allows us to capture ultra-concentrated plant extracts. These extracts have a giant range of nutrients, which makes our products that much healthier. Older, less effective extraction methods involved high temperature steam distillation or even chemical solvents. The CO2 we use, however, is an entirely safe solvent. So, after the plant undergoes the extraction process, there’s no chemical residue whatsoever. We believe strongly in making our products good for the environment as well as your body.

Connection to Whole Foods Market

When our company was just getting its footing, Whole Foods Market was there for us. Indeed, Whole Food Market gave us an $11,000 loan early on which allowed us to grow our company as we wanted to grow it. Today, we’re glad to be the only supercritical brand provider that Whole Food Market offers in their stores. While we’re proud of our online customers, having our products for sale at Whole Foods Market allows us to help even more people live healthier, too. Plus, it shows just how effective our products are. Whole Food Market can choose to have any brand of supercritical products in the world they want in their stores. It’s an honor and a privilege that they chose ours.

black seed oil

Supercritical Advantages

Cutting down on sugar is a part of so many different diets and health plans. That’s why we’re glad that our supercritical black seed products don’t have any sugar. By that same token, they don’t have any allergens or preservatives either. There’s nothing in them that can harm your health. Indeed, we’ve made sure that they don’t have any heavy metal traces, chemical solvents or microbial counts, either. As they’re moisture-free, there’s no fear that something like that could sneak in. When you take a supercritical product, you deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the product is entirely good for you, through and through.

black seed oil

Short List of Ingredients

Here’s the entire list of ingredients in this supercritical product: “organic black cumin (Nigella sativa) supercritical extract.” That’s it. That is the entire ingredient list in its entirety. It’s less a “list of ingredients” and more of a “line of ingredient.” That shows the purity of the product, though. Other companies may offer you a product with organic black cumin, but it may have all kinds of other stuff in it. Preservatives, solvents, proteins and all manner of other ingredients that you’d prefer not be in there. Our products are clean and pure.

The reasons for why this particular dietary supplement is good for you could take up the space of several blogs. In short, it delivers highly bioactive lipophilic health benefitting components. Between that and the high quality/high purity extract components, you’re getting the healthiest components of any product like this. In fact, it’s has so many health components, you’ll get great efficacy at even low dosage levels. So, you don’t have to take much of it to reap all of the benefits. On top of that, it absolutely allows for being sterile and has a track record of shelf life stability. That means that these products will last for you for a long period of time. You’ll be able to live healthier for longer while even saving money.

black seed oil

While our supercritical extraction methods are cutting edge, the knowledge of how powerful this product can be goes very far back. In fact, black cumin seed has been reportedly found in archaeological sites all around the world, perhaps most famously in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Today, we now know that there are antioxidants and phytosterols in it, which is where so many of the health benefits come from.

When you go to Whole Foods Market, you expect to find the healthiest products. Indeed, that’s so much a part of their brand. Here at Zatik Naturals, we’re proud to offer a supercritical product that lives up to their standards and our own. For more information, you can visit your local Whole Food Market or you can order them at our site.

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