Smell Something Funny? Why This Might Not Be a Bad Thing!

Do your products smell funny? If so, don't freak out most of the time this is perfectly natural and probably means your products are better for you overall. We admit— some of our products smell unique, and we're happy they do!


When you are looking for high quality, trusted products that contain nature’s best harvested ingredients that are not only safe to use, but great food for your skin you must understand that each ingredient has a scent of it’s own naturally. In order for ingredients not to have scents, companies are forced to use deodorized and processed oils as ingredients so that they can have a pleasant smelling end product. When an oil is deodorized it means most of the nutrients contained in the raw material no longer exist. Meaning if a specific oil contained any antioxidants, vitamins, minerals or nutrients the integrity of those beneficial qualities are no longer present after being deodorized and processed.


Additionally, to add certain scents to a product, companies add fragrances (secret formula that is not disclosable by the company) to make it pleasant to the consumer.  It is no secret that these fragrances are chemicals that play a huge role in our health. There are many facts that confirm fragrances linked to certain health issues, including disrupted hormones. Something that smells good doesn't mean it is automatically good for you or your skin.


As a conscious company we strive to make products that do not contain a single drop of synthetic ingredients. We do not use any marketing gimmicks. We quality control our sourcing of our raw materials and verify certifications of all claims made by our suppliers. Safety and effectiveness of our products is our priority. Yes, some of our products tend to have funny scents, but just know that overall this is the best thing for you and your skin. As we go through this organic journey we always look to find new ways to make it our products more pleasant without losing their effectiveness. We have done a great job reformulating most of our products to smell good and be effective with the help of our genius Chemist Garik Mkrtumyan. 

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