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We make our black seed oil products for regular people to use. In our lab, we do everything we can to make sure that our products are healthy and actually improve folks’ lives. Of course, we make sure to keep the prices low, too. Anyone should be able to get the skin care and other health products that they want. While we make these products for regular people, we’re always glad when someone sells our products, too. Recently, we received some great news at, a company that’s “dedicated to providing the highest quality health and wellness essentials at the best prices” has picked up our entire line of products.  

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You’ll be able to find our black cumin oil products as well as the rest of our line at What makes this so gratifying for us is that is a site that does things the right way.  Their banner really does say it all: “your journey to a healthier life starts here.” As we’re sure you know, there are a lot of statements about healthy products online. Far too many of them are exaggerations or even outright lies. That’s what makes so great. They only use quality products that they stand behind. As they say on their site, “transparent is important to us (and to you).”

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For almost twenty years, has been bringing the healthiest products to their customers. In their words: “when it comes to your well-being, safety and quality take top priority here.” Much of that comes from the heavy amount of research they do. Before they sell products on their site, they do copious amounts of research. As they say, “our team of nutrition scientists and product experts scour the globe for the best ingredients and the best products that provide health benefits to our customers.” So, that means that they don’t allow marketing people or advertising executives to make decisions about what’s sold on their site. They let the nutrition scientists make those decisions. They chose us here at Zatik.

Black Seed Oil

Our Entire Product Line at didn’t choose our Black Cumin products or select products. Instead, you’ll be able to find all of our products there. The same great products you can find at our site you’ll be able to find at So, you’ll be able to find great products like our Seaweed and Algae face serum. As you may know if you’ve been reading these blogs, we try to give our products names that fit the product. So, our “Gratitude Face Serum” is specifically designed to foster a sense of gratitude in your skin. That’s gratitude for feeling more youthful and looking that way.

Verification and Quality Products

You can find black cumin in more than just our drops and vegan capsules. For example, you can find it in our Rose Hip & Black Seed Nutri Face Serum. Again, our names explain the product. So, this serum is designed to bring nutrients to your face. In turn, this revitalizes your face. After all, there’s a reason that black cumin is offered referred to as the “blessed seed.” It contains many blessings and benefits. Moreover, it can bestow those blessings upon you. Those blessings manifest in the form of “EFAs,” which stands for “essential fatty acids.” On top of that, you’ll get plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and more within these.

It’s important to note that in addition to making sure that they offer the highest quality products, also makes certain that they’re offering these products at low prices. As they say on their site, “we believe healthy living should be affordable and accessible for all!” We believe in the same thing here at Zatik, which makes us a natural fit for No one should be priced out of healthy living.  By making sure that our products are sold at low prices, more people can live healthier, better, and frankly more fulfilling lives.

At first glance, the phrase “supercritical” might sound like a bad thing. It’s nothing of the sort: supercritical liquids are some of our our most nutrient rich health products. This process allows us to capture ultra-concentrated plant extracts. This means that we get all the essential nutrients out of the plants, and can make products that provide our customers with even more health benefits. For example, our Tumeric Supercritical liquid has an incredibly high amount of nutrients. The sheer amount of antioxidants in Tumeric herbs is basically off the charts. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of them in this liquid. All of these products and so many others can be found at Of course, you can always find them at our site, too. Alternately, you can contact us at (888) 928-4595 for more information.

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