The Winds Long to Play with your Hair!

 Scents trigger memories; a sniff of ginger and you’re happily back making Christmas cookies with mom.  One whiff of orange blossom and you’re transported back to your summer wedding.  Yet most are unaware of how Mother Nature and her plant-based ‘common scents’ completely affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Choosing what to put on your skin has become as central to self-care as choosing your friends and your food.  

Deep penetrating beauty products that mimic the Earth’s healing elements do more than make us look good.  Their natural oils enhance our attitude (lemon), sleep (lavender), and ability to learn (
peppermint).  Aromatic oils, healing creams, and soothing chemical-free potions; our body, inside and out, craves the same calmness and nontoxicity that our mind does.  As our hearts open after a day in nature, our skin, too, longs for a peaceful barrier between itand the material world’s constant influx of harsh chemicals and irritants.  

In tense, high tech times, people are turning to botanical, alcohol-free formulas
. (Zatik’s Gratitude Face Serum, which brings together seaweed, algae, herbs, and a bouquet of flower oils, to unearth skincare void of oxidizing allergens and irritants.)  Science has proven that floral fragrances, like the pure rose oil placed in our soy-free Harmony Moisturizer, invoke a stimulated brain response: smelling and applying rose oils before bed can actually sail you into happier dreams. 

Poet Gibran noticed the joyful and playful link between nature and nurturing our beauty, claiming “the winds long to play with your hair.”  Lightweight, luster-inducing grooming serums, sourced in sustainable, ethical ways are now a leading beauty concern.   Zatik’s organic chemists work tirelessly to research and develop vegan health, skin, hair and body compounds that restore balance.  By preserving the potency of our handpicked raw botanicals and materials, we deliver blends that mimic the healing, nontoxic elements we all adore in Mother Earth.  

We hope our handmade products, made 
with aromatic, soft-to-the-touch ingredients- with love- inspire a healthy and affordable self-care regimen that centers and calms you during these capricious Covid-19 times.  # # #

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