Organic Recommends

Our sisters and brothers in the organic world offer products that, like Zatik, are good for the planet, body & budget. With October kicking off the holiday months of 2020, these are Zatiks’ savvy and sustainable gift choices to end this (far from non-toxic) year! Covid-19 Masks takes flight with Butterfly designs from Chrysalis ( Their gorgeous, soy-printed organic cotton face masks have all been upcycled from designer Alexander McQueen’s vintage clothing. Every sustainable mask is hand sewn and embroidered in Los Angeles, using Eco friendly Thermoplastic Rubbers for straps… Rothy’s ( eco-friendly vegan shoes have helped divert over 39 million plastic bottles from landfills by using their signature fabric and thread created from recycled plastic bottles. They also use vegan, carbon-free adhesives and rubber for all the shoes’ outsoles. Styles so cute & comfy, like their Cheetah flats and rainbow white sneakers…It’s practically Zatik Naturals in an energy bar, as we share so many plant-based, clean ingredients with Nirvana Bars ( Gluten free- with nothing artificial added, four fearless flavors (Chocolate Coconut, Peanut Butter & Honey, Cherry Pistachio and Goji) include more than 25 natural, superior ingredients like Organic Matcha Tea, Organic Ginger, Black Pepper Root Extract and Turmeric Root Extract (used in many Zatik skin products), Organic Beetroot, and Organic Montmorency Tart Cherrie … Dab’s Root Lip Tint ( is responsibly sourced, down to the silver, recyclable screw cap. The 100% organic, gluten-free sheer-cherry colored Lip Tint uses natural, herbal red root as an antibacterial, alkanet root as a skin softener, and beet root as an antioxidant. Powered by plant pigments, this pretty, buildable, nontoxic balm leaves lips soft and silky for up to six joy-filled hours. # # #

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