5 Totally Natural Ways to Make Pores Look Smaller

Once that clock springs ahead, not only do we lose an hour of our precious beauty rest, but we get more daylight—and you know what that means, right? Your skin—and your pores are on full display. Like, all the time.

Now, we know it’s what’s on the inside that really matters, but oversized pores can make us feel self-conscious. There’s nothing wrong with seeking to remedy that even if you can’t reduce pore size without surgery (and even then it’s pretty darn sketchy).

But even though you can’t shrink your pores, you can make your skin look more dewy, glowy, and healthy with a few all-natural DIY tips and tricks, which of course we’ve got for you just below.

How to Make Pores Look Smaller, Naturally

  1. Exfoliate: It’s kind of our answer for everything, but for very good reason. Exfoliating the with a fruit-acid-based product removes the dead skin cells that can clog your pores making them more noticeable. While our serums are rich in fruit acids, we also offer cleansing grains that can help put a little exfoliating punch into your skin care regimen. You can also try using diluted apple cider vinegar for a little exfoliating action as well. To really notice a difference, exfoliate twice per week.
  2. Cleanse: The rubbing and rinsing may make it feel like you’re just breaking open your pores but like exfoliating, cleansing is crucial to remove dead skin and debris. And as the weather starts to warm up, your sweaty skin will need regular cleansing a few times per day. While some makeup can effectively cover up pore size, some can just clog them and make it worse. So try to decrease your makeup in warmer months, especially heavy foundations.
  3. Bump Up the SPF: I know, trust me. Spring is here and you just want to roll around in the warm sun like a puppy. And you totally can. Just dab that sunscreen on ‘fore you get your roll on. Sun-damaged skin will show pores more readily, and over time, it can lead to wrinkling and sagging, too. Hats are super on trend right now, so slather on the SPF and don your favorite bonnet to keep those pores perky.
  4. Needle: MIcroneedling is super on trend right now. It’s a procedure that can be done by a licensed esthetician or at home. And yes, it does involve tiny needles all over your face. But according to devoted microneedlers, it really works to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores. And compared to laser treatments or fillers, it’s incredibly affordable, too.
  5. Retinoids: Vitamin A when applied topically in the form of retinoids are like a supersize exfoliant that prevents dead skin cell build-up. They also boost collagen production which keeps the pores firmer and can make them appear less visible. But be cautious when using retinoid-containing products as they may make you more prone to sun damage. So be sure you’re adequately armed with sunscreen.

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