5 Ways to Make Your Natural Deodorant More Effective

You probably wear deodorant year-round, but if it ever had a true season, these warm months ahead are certainly, ahem, ripe, for it. If you’ve (hopefully!) made the switch to natural deodorants, you know that while they are much safer than aluminum-dependent conventional deods, they don’t offer any type of antiperspirant action. That’s because antiperspirants require intense chemicals to suppress your body’s natural process of sweating. We don’t just stop sweating on cue—our sweat glands need a little chemical coercion.

The problem here, is that while natural deodorants do work to mask odor, once you start gushing sweat, well, let’s just say you’ll need to reapply. Not always an option when hiking up a trail or out cycling for the day. But that doesn’t mean that without an antiperspirant or nonstop application of natural deodorant that you’re going to be a walking BO factory. There are some pretty helpful and easy steps to reducing your armpit sweat and make your deodorant most effective. Seriously.

How to Reduce BO, Naturally

  1. Get on the natural deodorant, STAT: If you’re a natural product lover but still afraid to give up your conventional deodorant, that could be a problem. The synthetics in conventional deodorants can be harsh on the body, killing bacteria that return with a vengeance. It’s the bacteria—not the sweat—that gives our pits that lovely odor, so if you’re creating a rebellious colony under your arms, it’s no wonder you may be finding things a little more gamey than they should be. With any switch over to natural products, there may be a bit of a reset period, but tough it out. One your body normalizes, you’ll be feeling (and smelling) better than ever.
  2. Clean up your diet: I’m not your mom, so you don’t have to listen to me, but if you want a better-smelling body (any parts), you have to have a better-for-you diet. That’s just a fact. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins, creates a balanced body. Too much sugar, alcohol, processed junk—they’re all going to throw your body out of whack and make you prone to unpleasant body odor.
  3. Drink water: Ditch the soda (please!) and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water (or lemon water) every day. Being properly hydrated is one of the best weapons against an imbalanced body. It flushes out toxins that are otherwise excreted out of your sweat glands, which can lead to the odor.
  4. Wear natural fabrics: Polyester and rayon fabrics may look light and breezy but they can make it more difficult for your skin to breathe, trapping bacteria and odor. Your body may benefit from more natural fibers like cotton or linen when physically active.
  5. Balance pH: Diluted fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar applied to clean pits before deodorant may help to neutralize odors by balancing the bacteria on the skin. Do not apply to freshly shaven armpits.

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