5 Tips to Ready Your Skin for Spring

Warmer weather is finally just around the corner. And while the winter chill may have us thinking about spring with a smile, don’t forget to take off those rose-colored glasses for the whole picture.

Yes, warm weather is welcome reprieve from the snow and ice, but for many, there are allergies to contend with, dry skin outbreaks, and frizzy hair galore as those spring showers dump humidity into the air.

Not to mention your skin may still be in that fight-or-flight mode courtesy of winter—you know what we’re talking about—it’s greasy and dry at the same time as the warm indoor heat and cold outside air treat your face like enemy number one.

So, how do you prep your skin for the shifting season? We thought you’d never ask!

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! From your head to your toe and (almost) anywhere your skin goes, it’s time to help winter out the door and nothing does this better than a good ol’ scrub down. For a sensitive face, stick with fruit acid exfoliation or a gentle scrub like our cleansing grains. But for the body—rough elbows and heels, hands, etc, a salt or sugar body polish should do the trick. Throw in some dry skin brushing for good measure as well.

2. Amp up the UV protection: While you should be wearing sunscreen year-round, we’re guessing by March you’ve all but forgotten what the sun even is. And even if its return is a bit hesitant, you can quickly let sun damage happen if you’re not on your sunscreen game. Use a sun-protecting moisturizer, foundation, or bust out your best beach sunscreen to boost your protection. And don’t forget those precious lips, too. They need protection as well.

3. Get ready for allergies: Pollen levels can vary from year to year and that means you may not know what to expect for allergy season. But if you’re prone to itchy, red, watery eyes and stuffy noses, start prepping your defense now: Neti pots (nasal irrigation) can help move pollen out of the sinuses so you’re less likely to spend your day sneezing. Eye drops can relieve itchy eyes, and diffusing the air with some essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender can help you breathe better and reduce inflammation associated with allergies. For chronic puffiness or redness, turn to cooling skincare ingredients or go the old-fashioned DIY home remedy: chilled cucumber slices on the eyes.

4. Avoid irritants: It’s bad enough the flowers make your allergies go bonkers, and you want to make sure other items aren’t exacerbating your allergies. Stick to free and clear detergents and soaps especially during allergy season to reduce the risk of heightened sensitivity. Be sure to wash new clothes or apparel before using and stick with essential oil fragrances instead of commercial perfumes.

5. Get plenty of rest: Longer days are thrilling, no doubt, but they can quickly cut into precious sleep. Be sure you aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night to keep your skin looking its best!

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