Zatik Black Seed Oil As Seen on ABC 7 News


Zatik Naturals Black Seed Oil is an ancient antioxidant documented as a "miracle cure for all." Found inside the tomb of King Tut, black seed oil is being used as a modern day dietary supplement to combat inflammation.



·         Certified organic, premium grade, cold pressed & unfiltered

·         Genuine Egyptian seed (important because thymoquinone is more potent in Egyptian seed due to geographical location)

·         Harvested in season 

·         Heavy metal tested

·         50 clinical studies done that show Black Seed Oil's thymoquinone supports healthy immune system & respiratory.





  • Yes, recommended dose is 2 a day!

    Zatik Naturals
  • I bought the black seed oil 90 soft gels. I want to know how many you take in one day. Do you take 2 or do you take 4 softgels which is it?

    Esam Mohamad

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