2020 is the Year of Going Back to Nature!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you all for all the devotion you’ve given us in 2019, we are so grateful to have such a loyal and passionate group of supporters. As you’ve probably heard by now, the beauty industry in 2020 is going to be all about going back to nature. In this blog, we will be sharing where beauty care is headed in the new year.

According to Forbes, “When it comes to product features that attract beauty buyers to new brands, natural, clean and sustainable are what they are drawn to. Two-thirds said, ‘I would be interested in trying new products from other brands if they are natural’”. So, if brands want to be successful this year, switching to natural and organic ingredients and products is the best way to attract customers to them.

In addition, the Good Face Project also has a lot to say about clean beauty in 2020. “2020 has a lot in store for clean beauty. The movement is growing exponentially, and it’s thanks to health-conscious consumers like you. Without the increased demand for non-toxic products, the market wouldn’t be where it is today and where it will be tomorrow.” This statement could not be more true. This shift from artificial to natural and clean products has definitely come from the people who use them. The constant demand for better and safer ingredients is leading to the production of safer beauty care products in 2020, and us here at Zatik couldn’t be happier about it.

Taking all this into consideration, we are so proud and happy that this is where the future of beauty care is headed. The safety and quality of the products consumers buy and use on their skin should always be handled carefully and responsibly. Thank you for pushing for a better future, we hope you have an incredible year in 2020!





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