Turmeric: Yellow, Mellow, Marvelous!

Plants and flowers- these organics allow anyone to benefit holistically. No need to carry baskets of yellow turmeric or hull Egyptian black seeds to experience their potent power with the creation of Zatik’s Turmeric Supercritical Liquid Zatik won all 5-star ratings from Amazon.com customers who appreciated our Critical Extract being a “verified Egyptian source,” and confirm the product is both “strong” and “nice to use as a good, certified organic.”

Turmeric Extract


Our direct clients agree: *CARLA dropped us a note calling it “an absolutely amazing product” and that future Zatik customers “won’t be dissatisfied!”


*VIVIENNE wrote us that our “unique and super healthy” combination of turmeric and organic black seed oil was “the best antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product,” out there. (The hard-working organic chemists at Zatik were so pleased!)


*JESSICA agrees. She suffers the discomfort of tennis elbow and let us know personally that that no other brand of turmeric relived her agony: “it worked…I have no pain!” She said she highly recommends this best-selling multi-use, herbal product.

joint pain


*KRENARE explained she mixes our product into her DIY skincare regimen because of its “intense antioxidant properties!” Yes! Turmeric Supercritical Liquid as help as an organic beauty aid: 1. Add a drop to your moisturizer or a “carrier” Olive oil, and help rid yourself of wrinkles; 2. Blemishes back off the natural way when turmeric oil is added to an acne remedy. 3. Delay dandruff and hair loss when adding it to your favorite nontoxic shampoo. Treat your skin, your scalp, stomach and overall serenity to the allergy, chemical and sugar-free vial of vitality!

diy skin care


Please write, email: info@zatiknatural.com or call 888-928-4595 to tell us about your turmeric transformation! XO Osvanna

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