The 3 Calendula Benefits You Need for Naturally Gorgeous Skin

If you’re a label reader, calendula is one of those ingredients you’ve likely seen over and over again on your natural beauty products. Not as well known as, say, lavender, calendula is still a worthwhile beauty ingredient. In fact, calendula’s benefits for skin and hair may be the secret reason your products work so well.

Calendula is a member of the daisy family, a marigold to be exact, which means that it can be easy to grow in your own garden if you’re so inclined. And it may be why it has such a long history of use not only in skin and hair care, but herbal remedies as well. While there are a number of medicinal plants available, those that were hardy and easy to grow made their way into heavy rotation in our medicine and beauty cupboards of centuries past, thus calendula now falls under the “tried and true” category of natural healers. And if you’re a natural beauty junkie, you’ve likely seen this ingredient all over the place.

Calendula Benefits for Skin

1. Antioxidants: Beta carotene and vitamin E are naturally occurring in calendula, making this a wonderful skin ingredients. Both help to reduce the signs of premature aging, and vitamin E can even make skin feel softer.

2. Skin Healing: If you’ve ever used a wound-care liniment or balm made with natural ingredients, it’s likely calendula was toward the top of the list. That’s because it has been known to help reduce the appearance of scars by increasing collagen production in the skin (which heals it). Boosting collagen levels with the use of calendula-based products may help to diminish the appearance of acne scars and give skin a healthier glow.

3. Antibacterial: Calendula’s healing benefits go beyond reducing scars—it’s also an effective antibacterial agent that can prevent and treat infections. This may also make it effective against acne breakouts.

Some people may be allergic to calendula so use caution when using a calendula-containing product for the first time.

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