7 Reasons Your Skin and Hair Will Love These Neem Benefits

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with options for pretty much everything, managing your go-to beauty must-haves can be a tall order. But be sure to add neem to the list—even if you’ve never heard of it–because this ingredient is a full-on game-changer.

Like many botanicals, neem has a long history of use for numerous health benefits. Prized in India for its external and internal benefits, neem is nothing short of a miracle of nature.

Native to Southeast Asia, neem has been used as antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial agent, as well as a contraceptive and a sedative. When applied topically, typically as the pressed oil of the neem plant, it holds many natural benefits for skin, scalp, and hair.

Neem Uses and Benefits

  1. Reduces Acne: While there’s no miracle acne cure, neem might be rather close. It’s loaded with vitamin C, which can help in clearing up skin problems like pimples. Because of its antibacterial properties, it may help to heal acne and prevent outbreaks as well.
  1. Balances Oil: Seems like no matter what the weather, our skin can get oily for no reason. Neem may be effective in balancing oil production by controlling sebum production, preventing that extra shine.
  1. Balances Dryness: Just like it can help prevent oil, it can also help to restore oil, or moisture to the skin for those who experience excessive dryness (especially on the scalp).
  1. Skin lightening: Acne scars, redness, etc can all leave the skin discolored. Using a powdered neem concoction applied like a face mask (with a little water) may help to speed the healing of discolored skin.
  1. Relieve skin conditions: Eczema, psoriasis, and infections on the skin are no fun and should be addressed with a medical professional. But adding neem-oil containing products may help to relieve the itching and scarring associated with such conditions.
  1. Reduce dark eye circles: Because of neem’s skin lightening effects, it may help to balance the pigmentation under the eyes where some are prone to dark circles.
  1. Hair miracle?: Hair loves neem, and it seems, neem loves hair just as much. Not only is it an effective conditioner, but it enhances your hair growth (really!) and can treat numerous scalp issues (buh-bye, dandruff!). Simply massage a small amount of neem oil into the scalp and hair.

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