Sunscreen Enters Bloodstream After Just One Day of Use


About SPF 30 Solar Mineral Sunscreen

As of this writing, it’s May. That means Memorial Day, the end of school, and the 4th of July are just around the corner. No matter where you are in North America, summer is a great time to go outside. Running, hiking, baseball, sunbathing – whatever you want to do outside, summer is perfect for it. However, you have to take care of your skin, too. Sunburns can ruin even the best outdoor activity. They’re also just the beginning of what sun damage can do to your skin. That’s why at Zatik Naturals, we offer our SPF 30 Solar Mineral sunscreen. It can take care of your skin in the summer sun.


SPF 30 Explained

You’ve probably seen “SPF” on sunscreen since you were a little kid. You may even have figured out that it’s an acronym for “Sun Protection Factor.” Think of it as a representation of how long you can stay out in the sun without getting burned. SPF 30 sunscreen, like we’re offering, blocks 97% of the sun’s UVB rays. That means that only a tiny amount of those rays will get through. This means that your skin will be that much more protected when you’re out and about.

What Skin Protection Means

You’ve probably, whether by choice or not, been outside at some point on a very sunny day without sunscreen on. You may have gotten a sunburn, or perhaps you got inside before it happened. You can use the SPF number on sunscreen to learn just how much time you can spend outside before you get burned. To use a simple mathematical formula, imagine that your skin gets burned if you’re in the sun for ten minutes without protection. Maybe you can last longer; perhaps you can last less, but stick with that particular number for now.

With our SPF 30 sunscreen, you could stay in the sun for around three hundred minutes without getting burned. That’s five hours! Now, it may sound unlikely that you’re going to be in the sun for five hours, but it can happen more often than you might think. If you’re going out on a new hiking trail, or to an outdoor party where you might make new friends or see ones you haven’t been around in a while, you could easily be outside for five hours. Even if you’re fully clothed, this sunscreen can protect your neck, hands, arms, nose and more.



UVA and UVB Protection

Many sunscreens only offer UVB protection. We wanted to make sure that ours offered UVA protection in addition to UVB. UVB stands for “Ultraviolet-B” while UVA stands for “ultraviolet-A.” Both kinds of rays can damage your skin. However, SPF only measures protection from UVB rays. When you get a sunburn, it’s as a result of UVB rays. That being said, you want to keep UVA rays from damaging your skin, too. That’s where our sunscreen comes in. We make sure that it has adequate protection for both kinds of rays, thus offering more protection than you may be able to find elsewhere.

Conventional sunscreens

A recent article on New York Post shows that study findings raise many important questions about the process of sunscreen production. Moreover researchers found that the levels of chemicals in the participants' bloodstreams far exceeded that even within one day and three ingredients remained there for seven days. Business Insider, Kaiser Health and CNN also published the results of the study and call for parents to be extremely cautions with kids.


Our SPF 30 Solar Mineral Sunscreen

We believe that sunscreen should do more than just block out the sun’s rays. That’s why our sunscreen also doubles as a moisturizer. It keeps your skin healthy and moisturized so that you feel great while staying safe from the sun. Of course, we’re Zatik: we make everything to be as healthy as possible, both for our customers as well as the environment. So, our sunscreen offers vitamin and mineral-based solar protection.

That means there are no artificial chemicals or anything remotely harmful to anyone or anything in our sunscreen. This is a natural moisture balance. We know that if you’re spending plenty of time out in the sun, you may lose hydration in your body. That’s why we built this sunscreen to offer facial hydration as well. You can keep your face hydrated no matter how hot the sun bearing down on you is.

If you look carefully at our sunscreen, you’ll see that it has “argan and moringa.” Packed with so many different kinds of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, moringa can support all different kinds of health benefits in your body. By that same token, argan contains fatty acids which support moisturized, healthy skin.

No matter what kind of skin you have, you can use our sunscreen. We designed it that way and also we made sure that it’s vegan as well as soy and alcohol-free. Fully biodegradable, this sunscreen is as good for the environment as it is for your skin. You can go out and enjoy the warm summer sun, knowing that our sunscreen is helping your body as well as the environment. If you have any more questions about our sunscreen, check out our site or call us at (888) 928-4595.

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