Maintaining Positive Body Image

Beauty standards are changing very quickly and sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with them.  A new and very interesting trend has been promoted by South Korean women who ‘escape the corset’ and reject their country’s beauty ideals. As article on National Public Radio states advertising and entertainment promote a female appearance that is unreal with luxuriant long hair and lots of makeup. So the purpose of the event is to promote natural beauty.

Bora describes using her camera lens to show her subjects as they really are, and not how South Korean society wants them to look. This is phenomenal as it shows how women can fight for their rights, for the choice of pursuing positive body image. Many influential magazines and celebrities are promoting positive body image.



Romper issued an article that teaches how to develop positive body image in children. The steps described in the article are very simple ranging from healthy eating habits to helping kids manage stress and peer pressure. The article is very informative and can serve as a guide for parents to help their children maintain positive body image and live in harmony with their appearance.



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