Solving the Earth’s Blues by going Green

A common and modern scenario: you recharge your cellphone while paying your bills online; you toss a disposable bottle into your recycle bin before jumping into your hybrid car, housed in a garage under solar panels.

Welcome to a raw New World! Not just intimidating technology or varying viruses, but a planet that is taking up an initiative to clean her oceans and environment. Enter electric 18-wheel trucks, fossil fuel-free flights and big brands using smaller, locally sourced materials. 

Buy all means buy- but bring a recycled or plant-based, compostable bag; upcycle from a trendy and affordable thrift store, or refill your favorite product using a company like Zatik that offers return-and-refill services. Purchase products with dual use to cut down waste and water usage. 

Be loyal to the Earth like you are loyal to a brand, remembering “bigger isn’t better.”

The Ethics of Sustainability is not a hard-to-read pamphlet. It is an ideology that 80% of the world is currently adhering to. Monster company, Google, is acting princely toward produce by buying “ugly fruit,” or fruit whose shape has naturally been bent or changed, to feed its employees. Big brand Nike is using materials found inside 200 miles of its plants to source cotton, hemp, polyester and rubber.  Sustainability has become a truth, not just a trend.Companies are planting new policies, in part out of standards set in the 2030 Green Initiative. With 92% of consumers more apt to trust an environmentally-aware brand, not adapting green standards is simply an out-of-date idea. Enter the five “P’s” that define The Green Initiative as a goal for the world to reach by 2030 (along with cutting gas emissions and pollution by 50%): People, Prosperity, Partnership, Planet and Peace.At Zatik, we are excited about these earthy, organic changes, but these are philosophies we have always practiced since our inception.Using the power of flowers has been our policy and a source of family-owned, company pride. Zatik delivers  to her health-conscious customers in the same way Earth wants to care for her inhabitants- Regeneration…Healing...Nourishment. 

Zatik Naturals takes her lead from Mother Earth. Our organic preservation system enables us to offer the richest biodegradable botanicals to customers who not only want clean skin, hair and body products, but a clean Earth that will last- pure and simple.

Your skin and hair care choices do not have to be in vain. Buying products that use soy ink and recycled paper for labels is a win. At Zatik, we would never do it any other way. Our organic fruit oils, pure essential oils and fresh, raw plant butters are all locally crafted with care: then, now and forever.🌺 #CleanEnergyCleanBeauty  #NatureLoverSelfLove #SuperFOODSSuperFriends #EarthDayisEveryDay

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