Shift to Clean and Non-Toxic

While many companies are undergoing huge changes and modifying ingredients by making them less harmful and toxic-free, an average consumer faces a difficult choice to make a decision about shifting to clean and natural or continuing usage on conventional products. At the same time, if the consumer makes a decision to shift to natural and organic products, it is very hard to find and identify which one is truly effective and non toxic. Recent trends about shifting to clean beauty is being popular not only among big companies, but among beauty experts and sustainability advocates as well.

Elle magazine has recently published the interview with a beauty expert Katey Denno who highlights the importance of using clean and non toxic products. However, she also added that nowadays it is extremely difficult to identify which products are clean and safe. She advises to look at the ingredients and the supply chains of the products. Transparency is another factor that determines how products are being formulated and how much effective they are. 

“Natural” beauty products can often contain a lot of truly natural ingredients–we’re talking emollient oils and butters straight from plants like shea butter, cacao butter, jojoba, almond, sunflower, or apricot oils. And speaking of oils, a product that gets its fragrance from essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance isn’t just good for your health–you’ll immediately smell the difference. And chances are, you’ll love the smell of nature at its finest.

There are several products that cause maximum harm to your bodies if they are not clean and natural. These are deodorants, hair care and skin care.

Deodorant – If you’re still a die-hard antiperspirant and deodorant person, consider this your intervention. Conventional deodorants have been linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer. They contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that can throw off your body’s hormonal system, leading to mood swings, weight gain, and reproductive issues, as well as the C word. Your underarms contain sweat glands (duh) and they can absorb and retain these chemicals to damaging effect, particularly if you shave your pits and then apply the chemicals soon after. Do your bod a favor and make the switch to a natural deodorant ASAP.

Hair Care – Whether it’s shampoo and conditioner, styling products, or hair coloring, we give our tresses a beat down, regularly. Not only do synthetic chemical products strip our hair of natural oils, leading to more dryness, frizz, and breakage, but it can also leach harmful toxins into our bodies, particularly if they come in contact with our scalp (which they do). From the formaldehyde in straightening products to the phthalates and parabens in shampoos, you put your health at risk every time you use a conventional hair care product. There’s a reason pregnant women are advised not to color treat, relax, or perm their hair—these chemicals go straight to our reproductive system and our babies. Fortunately, there are many effective natural hair care products that can get the job done without the risk.


Skin Care – Whether it’s your favorite under eye treatment, moisturizing face cream, or the super rich stuff you lather into your elbows and knees, skin crème can be loaded with petroleum byproducts and ingredients damaging to the skin and the planet. Considering you likely use a skin crème daily, the quality of the ingredients is a serious issue. Add to that your sunscreen, which may include chemicals that cause skin irritation and inflammation, and you’re setting your skin up for disaster. You know, but no pressure! The good news is that there are so many brands (ahem) making lux, rich, and super amazing skin crème products that will make you never want to look at conventional skincare again.


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