Are We Undergoing Environmental Awakening?

The environmental awakening of the beauty industry has become a buzz in recent weeks. After many conventional sunscreens and some beauty products have been found  toxic and dangerous not only for health but for our environment as well, many beauty industry sharks are discussing changes towards producing ecologically safe and biodegradable products. According to Diana Felton, MD,  “We're all being experimented on. We have so much more to learn about what some of these chemicals do to both the environment and to human health; it’s this great human experiment.”    

At the beginning of the year  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule that would update regulatory requirement for most sunscreen products in the United States. Since then, the buzz about sunscreens causing damage to coral reefs and environment made the conscious consumer shift to organic and natural sunscreens. However, there is still great attachment to beauty products full of toxic chemicals.

The recent article about environmental awakening states that brands are very slow to reduce pollution and regulations are sparse. The problem of packaging and plastic being cheap and durable highlights the fact that by 2050 there would be more pounds of plastic than fish in the ocean. Hopefully urgent measures will be taken to reduce pollution and usage of plastic. As a matter of fact, Zatik is using glass bottles for most of its products and the few bottles that are plastic, are biodegradable.


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