Is Apple Cider Vinegar the Best Beauty Product Ever (You Won’t Find in the Beauty Aisle)?

We know how overwhelming those beauty care aisles can be—trust us! It’s how we make a living, after all. And it’s great to know there are so many fantastic truly natural options out there for every type of skin and every type of skin problem. But there’s one very special beauty ingredient you won’t find in the beauty aisle. You’ll have to head on over to the “condiments” section for this one—but it’s worth the trek. You need apple cider vinegar, like stat.

Apple cider vinegar—ACV to its die-hard fans—is, well, an anomaly. One of the world’s oldest and most beloved fermented liquids (ahem, after wine, of course), ACV is the Grandmother of home remedies—really, just ask your actual grandmother about it.

Yes, it adds a piquant bite to salad dressings, soups, and more, but in truth, ACV is the powerful medicinal herbal remedy with a culinary side effect. It should be in the pharmacy and natural beauty products sections of the supermarket first, rather than sitting next to olive oil.

But regardless of where we catalog this force of nature, it’s a natural beauty lover’s must-have.

7 Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Acne relief: Antiseptic by nature, a little dab of ACV can speed the healing of mild acne breakouts. To prevent acne, use ACV like a toner, sweeping a diluted mix of vinegar and water across the face on a cotton ball.

2. Tone skin: ACV is a rich astringent that can increase the blood flow to skin and regulate pH, making it an excellent toner after washing and before moisturizing. Be sure to dilute 1:1 with water.

3. Toxin removal: Using apple cider vinegar on the face helps to pull toxins out of the skin, for consistently healthier and cleaner looking skin. It also reduces the appearance of age spots, if used regularly.

4. Brighten teeth: Coffee, tea, and wine lovers, take note: Rinsing your not-so-pearly whites with ACV a few times a day can actually help to lift stains off the teeth, leading to a brighter smile without the chemical whiteners. And bonus: the antifungal and antibacterial properties of vinegar help to keep your gums healthy too.

5. Dandruff relief: An itchy and dry flaky scalp is no fun and can even be an embarrassing problem (especially if you love wearing dark clothes). Bring your scalp relief with a deep scalp treatment of ACV. Work it into the hair before, after, or with your shampoo for relief.

6. Shiny hair: ACV also delivers a healthy, gorgeous shine to hair. Simply rinse with apple cider vinegar after your conditioner. Rinse with water and let air-dry for a healthy, natural shine.

7. Stay healthy: Glow from within by fighting off colds and the flu with apple cider vinegar. Research has shown it to be helpful in boosting immune response and speeding recovery, helping you to feel and look your best!

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