5 New Year’s Resolutions Any Beauty Lover Can (and Should!) Make

It’s that time of year again. Time to take a look back and a look forward by setting those New Year’s resolutions.

“But they never stick,” you’re saying. You’ve failed to meet your goals one too many times, right? We all have. Here’s a secret: Don’t make them so hard.

That’s right, we tend to want to be our best selves—it’s a noble goal, of course!—but making too many changes all at once is hard for anyone. It’s no wonder we fail. So, how about something a little more achievable?

What if, over the next several years, you set out to just focus on one area of your life instead of goals all over the place? By dialing in and drilling down to one particular area of focus, you may find more success with keeping—and exceeding—your New Year’s resolution.

Of course, we think you should focus on your beauty regimen this year. And, if “But I can’t live without X” just popped into your head, don’t get ahead of yourself! Check out what we’re recommending first. It’s easier than you probably thought. Promise.

  1. Resolve to start reading labels: This doesn’t mean you have to ditch that favorite L’Oreal mascara if you don’t want to, but by becoming more informed about the ingredients in your products, you’ll (hopefully) start to opt for cleaner ingredients when and where you can. You know, no pressure though.
  1. Commit to sun protection: It’s easy to let the SPF slide, especially in mid-winter, but a good habit started now is more likely to last when you really need it during the blazing sun of summer. And, while you’re at it, go get a full body scan from a dermatologist to put your mind at ease about those moles.
  1. Pledge to a skincare routine: Just like washing and brushing your teeth is hopefully automated, a good skincare routine can also become an auto pilot part of your day. Every person’s skin requires different types of products, but in general you should: remove makeup, cleanse, tone, apply serum, moisturizer, eye cream. And exfoliate once or twice per week.
  1. Support small businesses: Again, it doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule for every product, but did you know that your gorgeous skin is living in an incredibly fortunate time? Thanks to the Internet and a growing demand for clean skincare products, thousands of small-scale producers (ahem) are making some of the best quality skincare products on the market. Not only does supporting these brands give you a high quality product that may be the best thing ever for your skin, but it tells the industry that it’s time to make changes—nasty ingredients out, clean stuff all the way in, please.
  1. Experiment with swaps: Okay so you’re reading labels, you’re supporting small businesses and you’ve got your skincare routine down! Now, make a pledge to make as many product swaps as you can. Still using a synthetic deodorant? Maybe start there. Or how about that beauty salon hair conditioner? We bet there’s a cleaner one that’s just as good. Make as many (or as few) swaps as you like. Happy New Year!

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