Scalp Revive Kit

Scalp Revive Kit

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Dive into a sanctuary of serenity for your hair with our Scalp Revive Kit. This trifecta of tranquility offers a harmonious blend of nourishment and care for your cherished locks.

Calming Shampoo: Start your journey with our Calming Shampoo, a gentle embrace for normal to dry hair. Infused with the whisper of wild cherry and a hint of jasmine, this shampoo is free from the harsh whispers of sulfates and parabens, ensuring your sensitive scalp can breathe easy.

Calming Conditioner: Elevate your hair’s softness to the clouds with our Calming Conditioner. It mirrors the shampoo’s essence, providing a delicate touch for your hair, sealing in moisture, and whispering sweet nothings to each strand.

Hair Serum - Pre-Cleanse Treatment Oil: The grand finale, our Hair Serum, is a pre-cleanse treatment oil that prepares your scalp for the cleansing ritual. Argan and black seed oil work in an ethereal alliance to fortify your hair’s strength and shine, leaving it ready to face the world.

Every drop of this kit is a promise of peace for your scalp and a revival for your spirit. Wrap your hair in the luxury it deserves and let the revival begin.