Zero waste, Zero gimmicks.
Serious. Savvy. Sustainable.

Using new Zero Waste Boxes, Zatik will now recycle all non recyclable packaging through our exciting and important partnership with Terracycle. Vanity Fair magazine assures efforts like these will  “usher in a new era of sustainable beauty.”

Simply fill out the form on our Recycle page online ( fill out the return label and ship back the Zatik pumps, spray tops, and caps you have collected back.


In 2020, Terracycle launched the TerraCycle Global Foundation, which works to remove plastic from rivers and canals before it can reach the ocean.  And since 2018, Zatik Naturals has worked to stay cleaner and greener than ever, taking necessary, not-always-easy steps to protect the integrity of our product and company creed.

  • Zatik has reduced the number of new boxes used to ship wholesale orders by an astounding 70%. Instead, boxes that originally shipped raw materials are used. Recycled boxes used to ship Zatik skin care products are made with 70% recycled paper, and environmentally-friendly soy ink.
  • Zatik has reduced the purchase of new packing materials for wholesale orders by 80%. Waste, like rolls from product labels and packing materials from previous orders, now act as product cushions in shipment.
  • In an effort to help save trees, Zatik has elected not to print invoices or packing slips inside orders. Customers at any time may find their information safely saved in their account on the Zatik company website.
  • To reduce plastics, Zatik only employs bubble wrap now to protect glass-bottled products during shipping. All other items are wrapped carefully in recycled paper. This has helped the company reduce plastic wrapping materials by 60%.
  • Packaging for Zatik shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, and our best-selling sunscreen is made using waterproof, “low hazard” HDPE plastics. Durable HDPE plastics do not give off fumes, and are free from industrial chemical BPAs. These items can be placed in any regular recycling bin from home.
  • Planet-conscious customers can now take their own containers to special storefronts to reduce waste, as Zatik is proud to offer bulk purchase options- gallons- to reduce single use packaging caps and pumps. This option also cuts down the use of labels and excessive labor.

Call Zatik toll-free in the USA (888.928.4595) or email for additional details, or to have your questions answered. Help us help Mother Earth!