Organic Black Seed Oil Benefits

Organic black seed oil is one of our most popular products. It’s not hard to see why. It has a whole host of health benefits. Moreover, it’s stood the test of time, too. If you’ve been to our site, then you may have noticed that they found black seed in King Tut’s tomb. However, we don’t ask that you just take our word for it. Instead of just listening to what we have to say about black seed, listen to others. In this blog, we’ll go over some claims about black seed that are backed up by science and history. Then, we’ll lay out how there’s a way our black seed oil can help you.

Organic Black Seed Oil = Medical Plant

Black seed oil comes from an actual medical plant. Again, you don’t have to take us at our word. Rather, listen to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. In their very words, it’s “a wide used medicinal plant throughout the world… Seeds and oil have a long history of folklore usage in various systems of medicine and food.” If you click on that link, you’ll find the title includes the words “miracle herb.” Now, governmental agencies tend not to use words like “miracle” often. As such a word can be misconstrued as hyperbole or worse, they’re rarely used. In this case, the usage is more than appropriate: it’s entirely correct.

Folklore and More

Black seed is mentioned in “Al-Tibb al-nabawi,” which means “prophetic medicine” in Islam. Muhammad himself was quoted as saying “utilize the black seed for without a doubt, it is a cure for all sicknesses aside from death.’ The people of the time listened to him, as well as the people since. Islamic literature makes several references to black seed oil, and it’s even considered one of the “greatest forms of healing medicine.” It’s important to note that they reached this conclusion without any access to things remotely like our modern technology. They didn’t have vegan softgels. They certainly didn’t have a supercritical extraction process. It shows just how potent the plant is that they were able to get as much out of it as they were. It also shows how much we can do with it today to help one’s health.

The Health Benefits

Listing the health benefits of black seed oil always feels a bit overwhelming. There are so many of them, and they help so many different parts of the body, that it can almost feel a bit strange to see them listed all out. When they’re all put in one place, it’s almost literally hard to believe. So, to try and counteract that feeling, we’ll lay them out exactly as the NCBI did: “(black seed oil) has been widely used as antihypertensive, liver tonics, diuretics, digestive, anti-diarrheal, appetite stimulant, analgesics, anti-bacterial and in skin disorders.” Reading through that, it’s almost impossible not to find one ailment or another that you didn’t have in the recent past. Taking black seed oil doesn’t only help with the problems you have, it can help with ones in the future, too.

Still More Health Benefits

Amazingly, that’s actually not everything the NCBI has to say (on page 1!) about black seed oil. The very next sentence is: “Extensive studies on N. sativa have been carried out by various researchers and a wide spectrum of its pharmacological actions have been explored which may include antidiabetic, anticancer, immunomodulator, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, bronchodilator, hepato-protective, renal protective, gastro-protective, antioxidant properties.” A clear sign that something is good for you: when describing what it does in detail, the word “protective” shows up multiple times. Again, this isn’t something we had a team of advertisers throw together. This is a government agency laying out their findings.

Of course, if you come to Zatik, you’ll find that you can get black seed oil in many ways that you weren’t able to just a few years ago, much less the time of Muhammad. Here, we have black seed oil vegan softgel capsules, drops and more. We’re able to put them through extensive testing, so that you’re getting the most potent and safe product imaginable.

That’s roughly seven hundred words, and we still didn’t get much of a chance to touch on how there’s evidence that black seed oil is able to help in reducing the symptoms of asthma, or how it can assist with rheumatoid arthritis. Black seed oil can do so many different positive things for your body, there’s no way to lay them all out in one place. However, you can begin to experience these positive benefits for yourself. All you have to do is head over to our site and pick up some of this oil. If you still have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 92Z-ATIK.