Q. How do I know which product is for my skin type?

A. The products we have formulated are great for both oily, dry, mature and sensitive skin types. Use more pumps of cream/serums if you are dry/mature. Use less if you are oily. Let your skin tell you how much it needs. 

Q. How do I know if I am getting enough hydration if I have a mature skin?

A. Our products contain antioxidants and omegas that using a small amount should go along way. Using the products regularly will allow your skin to look at it's best: youthful and radiant. If you are not feeling hydration with our moisturizers and cream serums you can add a drop of Nutri Face Serum to your cream and mix and apply to your skin. This way you are adding additional moisture to your routine. 

Q. I have a very sensitive skin, would Zatik's skin care irritate my skin?

A. Any product can cause irritation depending on the severity of your skin sensitivity. If you know exactly what causes irritation avoid it. If you don't always run the small amount test on your writs to see if you react to it. If not proceed using the product. We can commit that we only use raw certified organic oils, ultra concentrated co2 extract which contains no alcohol. Our patented formulas will allow your skin to absorb the product quickly and allow your skin to breath while hydrating. Due to the light weight of the formulas, sensitive skin will benefit as it will not clog the pores.  

Q. If I am oily skin can I still use Clarity Cleanser since it states for Dry Skin? 

A. Yes, please do. We created two cleansers as some people prefer foaming and some oily. Usually, foaming cleansers are preferred by oily skin types and oily cleansers are preferred by dry skin types. Other than that you should be safe using the oil cleanser for cleansing and for removing makeup. Make sure to allow cleanser to sit on your face for 1 - 5 min and then wipe off with dump cloth. You will love your refreshed skin!

Q. If products are certified organic are they also non GMO?

A. Yes, non GMO ingredient containing products cannot bear the USDA certified organic seal by law. 

Q. I am breastfeeding is it safe to use your roll on deodorants while nursing?

A. Yes, we use natural ingredients. The deodorant does not contain any aluminum. The zinc oxide and the sea salt is what helps to neutralize the odor however, you will still perspire as it does not clog up the pores to completely stop the perspiration. For this reason, you may reapply during the day. 

Q. Can I use your shampoos on my toddler? 

A. Yes, our shampoos and conditioners are made using non-synthetic ingredients. They foam up from coconut and olive oil derived surfactant and will not cause teary eye. You can use the shampoo as hair or body wash. 

Q. Can I use your shampoo/conditioners if I color treat my hair?

A. Yes, since we use non-synthetic ingredients our shampoos actually help your color last longer. Make sure to allow our shampoos to sit on your hair/scalp for 1-3 min to allow it to treat hair and scalp. Our shampoos have many botanical extracts that will improve hair look and allow the scalp to feel great.

Q. Why is it important to use a toner?

A. A good toner (one that has no alcohol or fragrance) to be used after cleansing to help close the pores. Our toner is a cold brewed tea mixed with multiple hydrosols and essential oils. Our toner will not only be good after cleansing but before bed, the aromas from Jasmine and Lavender will allow you to have a good night rest. Our toner will also be great to be used after makeup to allow makeup to settle well. 

Q.  I have acne which products you recommend?

A. Rejuva Tonic Cleanser is best to be used. Make sure to allow it to sit on your wet skin for 1 - 5 min for better results. Wipe away using dump towel and follow by Peace Toner. If acne is severe stay with the two products. Once acne condition is better you may start using any of the moisturizers or serums in small amounts. However, continue with the cleanser and the toner  AM & PM.

Q. Is Zatik skincare safe for my teenager?

A. Yes, you can check Zatik's toxic rating using the smartphone app Skin Deep or online www.ewg.org under skin deep. Our products rate at 1 out of 10 (being the toxic and most allergen containing). 

Q. Where can I buy Zatik in the UK?

A. Unfortunately, Zatik is only available online at this time. Yes, shipping cost is not inexpensive. 

Q. Where can I buy Zatik in Canada?

A. Unfortunately, Zatik is only available online at this time from our website and selected items via Amazon.ca. Yes, shipping cost is expensive.