Wine as Antioxidant?

‘In vino veritas’ the old proverb says that in wine there is truth! For many centuries wine was popular drink of ancient civilizations. Nowadays wine is as popular as it was even 6000 years ago. The oldest known winery is 6.100 year old Areni winery in Armenia. Wine also played an important role in many religions. For example, red wine was associated with blood by Ancient Egyptians.

Nowadays wine is one of the most popular drinks in parties and gatherings. Moreover, wine has entered into buzzy discussion on probiotics. Recent academic research shows that red wine is rich in antioxidants and they have positive impact on gut. Despite the fact that there is no standardized process for making natural wine, natural and organic wine has more antioxidants than conventionally grown grapes. Most importantly natural wine is low in sulfites which are used to stabilize regular wine. Natural wine can also change its flavor if you leave it open on the counter.

Thus, in order to live a healthy life, it is not enough to exercise regularly, eat healthy and use organic products of care. It is also essential to pay attention to drinks that people consume. Wine can not only be natural, but it can also give several benefits to our bodies as natural wine is rich in antioxidants.




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