Why Organic?

ZATIK’s facial care line is USDA certified organic, produced with only the highest-concentrated raw botanicals to benefit and promote a healthy appearance, both inside and out. All of Zatik’s organic skin care products are made out of organic food grade  ingredients  to enhance radiance, which is your birthright. Our botanical extracts and oils are isolated from organic plants locally grown without any pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or contamination. Our facility and organic operation undergoes yearly compliance inspection by the USDA-accredited  organization Oregon Tilth. (http://tilth.org/)

Whatever is applied onto the skin eventually ends up inside the human body. It is critical to nourish ourselves with nutrient dense organic foods and our skin is no different.  We believe that if a beauty product is not technically edible, you should not smear it on your skin. Just as a meal should be  prepared with high quality organic produce, free of artificial flavors and heavy processing, skin food should also be made of pure, fresh, and simple ingredients. Higher quality ingredients mean superior results.

“Cosmetic companies are masters of the slick ad and expensive public relations campaign.  But all the glamorous pictures in the world cannot obscure the facts…Long term illnesses ranging from cancer to birth defects may not be linked to their underlying cosmetic-related causes…because symptoms of chronic toxic effects may not occur until months or years after exposure…:”

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