The Importance of Using a Toner

If you have ever walked into the beauty/skincare isle at your local supermarket or beauty store, you’ve probably seen a product called toner. Most people have never heard of a toner and often times never even try it out. There are many types of toners for all the different skin types out there, but everyones toner does one specific job, sanitize. Yes, your face wash does clean your face but it only cleans the top layer of your face, whereas a toner cleans out your pores and closes them! Here are a few reasons why using a toner in your skincare routine can be a great benefit to your skin.


1. Shrinks pores.

As written above, toner’s number one goal is to clean out your dirty pores! You may just think that washing your face might be enough, but that wash doesn’t go deep down and clean out the real reason why you might have acne, dirty pores. Having clogged pores can also really affect the way your makeup lays on your face. 

2. Restores your skin’s PH balance.

Typically, most people's faces are naturally acidic with a PH anywhere from 5-7 on a scale of 1-10! Having acidic skin can create many obstacles when trying to achieve clear moisturized skin. Using a toner can help balance out the PH level of your skin helping to create an even skin tone and smooth skin.

3. Acts like a moisturizer.

A lot of people struggle with dry cracked skin and often look to skin moisturizers or face masks for help. One of the big benefits of using a toner is that you're not only cleaning your skin, but you are also preparing your skin to be absorb your moisturizer more easily.

When looking for the perfect toner, you should steer clear from alcohol based toners and instead look for a more natural one. A common excuse for why people don't use toners is because it is harsh on the skin and just extends their skin care routine. That's why we recommend our Peace Toner because it is refreshing, comforting, relaxing and soothing. It promotes clear facial complexion and a smooth layer of skin for makeup application. This toner can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night's rest.

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