The 2-Ingredient DIY Face Peel That’ll Change Your Life

Hang in there, folks. There are only a few weeks of winter left. But these last weeks can often be the worst for your skin—leaving it more sapped and lackluster than it has been all season. Credit that to the harsh cold and the harsh heat you’re probably cranking, too. And, okay, let’s leave a little room for all the late-night snacking as you binge watch “Stranger Things.” But, fate is on your side. At least, it’s on your skin’s side with this super simple two-ingredient face peel you can make in like two seconds.

Skin peels are great because they slough off dead skin. In other words, they exfoliate. This is a critical part of your skin care regimen because if you leave those dead skin layers on, they can cause breakouts, make your skin appear more dull and irritated. No fun.

Here’s the thing about skin peels you need to know: They don’t have to actually peel off your face. Those that do peel off are often made from strong chemical ingredients and other unnatural nasties that you don’t want on your face no matter how fun peeling is. (That’s not to say those sheet masks all the rage right now are harmful, those use a cloth and can be very safe and feature truly clean ingredients.)

“Peel” really refers to the action of peeling away that layer of skin that’s dead and clogging up your pores. Again, this is achieved through the miraculous powers of exfoliation, namely fruit acids. Unlike scrubs or other harsh exfoliants that may damage your skin, fruit peels are incredibly gentle and generally safe for all skin types (but do connect with your doctor if you have skin conditions like acne, rosacea, or eczema).

Apples, the ingredients in this peel are one of nature’s best healers—particularly apple cider vinegar. It’s useful for just about anything from cleaning your house to making your hair shinier, and exfoliating skin is one of its specialties.

Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, contains acetic acid that’s known for its effective skin exfoliating properties. Plus, ACV contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, as well as malic acid and lactic acid, which all contribute to a healthy glow.

Combining ACV with applesauce (unsweetened and unflavored) mutes the intensity of the vinegar that may cause burning or stinging when applied directly to the skin and it delivers more of apple’s potent skin-friendly benefits.

DIY Skin Peel


2 teaspoons pure apple cider vinegar (look for raw, organic, unfiltered)
3 tablespoons applesauce (no sugar, no flavors)


Mix the vinegar and applesauce well and apply to clean face. Let sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with cool water. Use once a week.

Be sure to follow up your skin peel with a hydrating moisturizer:

Seaweed & Algae Wrinkle Solution Organic Creme

Argan & Yarrow Sunscreen Mineral Moisturizer

Sea Buckthorn & Apricot Herbal Moisturizer

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