Reuse Reduce Recycle

There has been an environmental awakening shake up across the glob. There are different views for saving the planet. Many years of using plastic without proper recycling has caused major issues with our environment. One major problem is with the marine life. The plastic waste being dumped into the ocean ends up killing the marine life. Many products people use on their skin, made with toxic ingredients also directly affects marine life to go extinct. Most importantly plastic waste and green house gases are now being the most talked about things that is linked to global warning. 

Today many people protest to bring awareness to the public and also to get politicians to wake up and start making changes to protect our planet.

 Greta Thunberg,( a teenager from Sweden has stood up to bring awareness towards the climate change that can cause dramatic changes to their future. Greta has now woken up many teens to be aware of the issue and to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Thanks to many our younger generation is going to be raised environmental cautiousness which is what our grandparents had and somehow it was last with our parent's generation and caused us to be unconscious and unaware.   

Today Zatik is proud to use glass and recycled packaging. We are forced to use HDPE plastic for our shampoos however, we are always looking for best eco friendly packaging. When we discover a packaging that can store our hair care made with essential oils stable we sure will be changing. We are awake and with everyone to create a better future by Reusing, reducing and recycle, we know it needs to be a lifestyle!


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