Not all Black Seed Oil or Thymoquinone's are equal!

Premium Black Seed Oil

Black Seed oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil or Nigella Sativa Oil are all referring to the same oil.

It is great to have technology and combine with science to add quality to our lives. However, when technology and science are combined to harm us, that’s when we must be careful. It is always the best to go back the old traditional way when not sure what is good and not good for you anymore. Yes, not all Black Seed Oils or the dosage of thymoquinone is equal. Many brands claim to have high thymoquinone levels and are priced at competitive value. It has become harder for a consumer to identify premium Black Seed Oil without reading the misleading claims. One way we have identified is the geographical location of where the seed was grown. It has been historically documented that Egyptian seed is the best for its quality and thymoquinone potency. This is correlated with the geographical location. It is now become even widely use practice to grow hybrid seeds, infuse with synthetic Thymoquinone to be able to claim higher thymoquinone. Many companies are even able to certify the product organic. For this reason, one must be extremely careful when using dietary supplements since it is to be take to better your health but if it is not the best quality, it can do the opposite. Many cases like this is why mainstream consumer does no trust the supplement or natural healing.  When they take diluted or synthetically infused wellness products or natural dietary supplements, they automatically distrust the healthy alternative.

The Black Seed Oil Zatik uses comes directly from the supplier in Israel. It is a non hybrid seed, this is important as hybrid seed does not have all the nutrients and thymoquinone dosage as a healthy, organic and seasonally harvested seed. Our black seed oil is harvested once a year, pressed, packed and shipped to us directly. In a mean time sample sent to 3rd party to check for heavy metals. It is important to check for heavy metals: if someone with weaker immunity is going to take black seed oil or black seed vegan softgels to help support a healthy immunity, if heavy metals are present it will lower the immunity instead of boosting. Many people with chemo therapy will have lower immunity and will look for natural immune boosters. In this case the premium black seed oil will be necessary that has no other chemicals including heavy metals to help support immunity rather to lower it further.  

 There has been extensive pre-clinical, animal, and clinical research conducted on Nigella sativa’s properties and it is among the top ranked evidence-based herbal medicines. Most of the therapeutic properties of this plant are attributed to its essential oil constituent, thymoquinone (TQ). Approximately 50 clinical trials have evaluated the efficacy of black seed preparations for a variety of conditions.*

The trials confirmed that Black Seed Oil’s thymoquinone is anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, upper respiratory and blood-sugar benefits. Even though it only contains 3% thymoquinone it is very potent.

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